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Site Re-design Issues
High Rankings Forum
“…something that is often overlooked at redesign time, but is more important than ever then, is the custom 404 page. Make sure that your custom 404 page is well crafted and will draw lost souls back into your site, by being self explanatory. Don’t just add lists of links, use text and describe what is on each page…”

Conversions from Search Network Vs Content Network
Search Engine Watch Forums
“Though we understand that it’s obvious (for most of the cases) that the content network yields lesser, why would people be investing in content network ads than focusing fully into search network ads?”

Marketers Demanding Better Count of the Clicks
Webmaster World
“Internet companies have had great success selling advertising space, in part because the effectiveness of those ads is supposedly so easily measured. But marketers, even as they continue to push more of their ad budgets online, are starting to ask for better proof.”

Yahoo’s Dilemma: Deal or No Deal?
Webmaster World
“FORTUNE has learned from multiple sources that Yahoo recently approached Time Warner (parent of FORTUNE’s publisher) about buying America Online.”

Turning Clicks Into Sales
WebProWorld Forum
“I am using Google AdWords right now and I’m getting the traffic but no sales. I just switched over to NOT going on content sites but looking for further suggestions for marketing. I’m starting with a low budget but its building as the sales are slowly coming in…”

The Google News Effect
V7N Forum
“…interestingly, the Google News traffic seems to produce a higher click through rate on AdSense ads on the site. I don’t get that kind of click through on any of my sites with similar traffic levels. I will also be watching this to see if that remains steady. I wonder if people who use Google News are more likely to click the ads.”

Better for SEO: Link Directory or Article Directory?
Search Engine Watch Forums
“When you hear the old saw that ‘Content is King’, it doesn’t mean ‘on page copy’. It is nothing to do with word-counts, keyword frequency, or keyword density. It is about supplying with high quality and unbeatable value, the information for which there is a strong demand.”

Dumb Mistakes Resulting in Loss of AdSense Revenue
Webmaster World
“Members contribute heads up warnings to others, newbies or seasoned pros, to NOT make the same mistakes that they have.”

Google COOP: How will it affect natural SEO?
Search Engine Watch Forums
“The decision makers in my company are afraid that the introduction of a ‘custom’ search engine is going to bring the world of natural SEO to a screeching halt. Do you guys have any feedback on Google coop, and give me your opinions on whether you think this new tool will have an influence, if any, on the way that google ranks the sites that it indexes?”

Google Has Acquired JotSpot
Search Engine Watch Forums
“Discuss Google’s most recent acquisition.”

SEO Mythbusters
Webmaster World
“What SEO ‘facts’ are in fact facts and not just widely accepted rumours and myth? What facts are supported with hard evidence?”

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