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What’s going on in the search industry? Find out here, with these links to some of the latest topics being discussed in our own Search Engine Watch Forums, and other search marketing forums across the Web:

Quality Scores
Search Engine Watch Forums
“The ads I have, the keywords, and the content of the web site and landing pages are all relevant. But I notice the quality scores flip from good or OK to poor.”

SEMNE: Getting Into Google
High Rankings Forum
“Dan Crow was simply terrific and answered as many questions as he could. It’s very cool to have Google confirm what we already know!”

The Illogical Use of AdSense
Small Business Ideas Forum
“Any business that sells a product or a service shouldn’t have AdSense on their website, because with AdSense, you’re promoting your competition.”

Slow Down And Write Great Articles – Jakob Nielsen
Cre8asite Forums
“I know Jakob Nielsen is old school, but how can he advise you to ‘Write Articles, Not Blog Postings’?”

Google’s Human Evaluators – 10,000 of Them?
Webmaster World
“It is clearly huge investment in quality control, if it is done correctly.”

EBay SERPs – Why First?
Search Engine Watch Forums
“I have noticed that eBay tends to show up multiple times within at least the first 10-15 organic results in Google. Why does it rank so high for almost every product you put in?”

Title Tag: Shorter is Better?
Webmaster World
“Titles should be what your page is all about. It should be specific and without unnecessary words.”

Guiding the Future of Search Engine Strategies
Search Engine Watch Forums
“We’d like to hear your ideas and suggestions for changes you’d like to see in the Search Engine Strategies conferences.”

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Editor’s note: A special thanks to Peter Da Vanzo and John Scott of v7n for their help in compiling the Search Engine Forums Spotlight.

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