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French Loans To Back European Rival To US Search Players
Search Engine Watch Forums

“Chirac backs eurocentric search engine from the Daily Telegraph covers how a new multimedia search engine is to get a 2 billion euro loan as part of an effort to challenge the mostly US-based search engine industry. What do you think? Is it needed?”

Google Goes Into Print Ads
Search Engine Watch Forums

“Google introduces a new CPR ad model, cost per read, as ads go into the print world. OK, it’s not like that — but some buying ads through Google are now getting offline placement in technology magazines.”

Paying For Links
High Rankings Forum

“…at what point does paid advertising –that is out of control of course– actually start to hurt the linking site’s reputation in their own field? Or should they be able to get away with it, simply by the search engine devaluing selected outgoing links, but leaving everything else untouched?”

GoogleNet – Rumors of a Parallel Internet Surface
Webmaster World

“Google’s secret fiber-optic underground network – it literally titillates the imaginative senses with latent possibilities.”

Viewer Screen Resolution
High Rankings Forum

“Is there any reliable source of data out there that would give me information on users’ screen resolution preference? …Is viewer screen resolution a factor for anyone when designing a site?”

The Future of Search
Cre8asite Forums

“…maybe these specialized searches are a little like using the right tool for the job when you have a very specific type of search to perform, and you just aren’t satisfied with the results from a Google or Yahoo”

Which Stats Package Is Right for You?
Webmaster World

“An overview of the entire field of tracking and logging analysis packages — what types of website statistics products are out there, and who does each one serve best.”

Traffic Power Files Suit Against SEO Book
Search Engine Watch Forums

“Note to TP: feel free to sue me for my honestly held opinion. I’ll see you in court. Part of my evidence will be supplying the court (and anyone else in the courtroom) with the basis for my honestly held opinion, which would include every single slimy thing you’ve ever done that was leaked on the net and I know about – could take weeks.”

Length Of Title Tags…
High Rankings Forum

“By putting my company name in title tag along with the keywords I am targeting, doesn’t that lower the relevancy of my tag? Wouldn’t it be ranked lower than one without the company name?”

How Best to Localise on AdWords?
Cre8asite Forums

“Can anyone offer thoughts and advice on how to get local traffic using adwords? Adwords gives you the option to localise so that the adverts are only shown in a certain country… BUT is this a good idea?”

SEO Charging Ongoing Fees … $200, $400, $1,500
High Rankings Forum

“Now … there has to be a logical explanation to this. The less they charge, the worse links they are getting for you in an ongoing maintenance?”

Filter Your Traffic for Fun and Profit
Webmaster World

“We see a great many questions about how to increase earnings posted here. One simple, and very effective answer is to filter your traffic.”

Are SEO Forums Ruining the SEO/SEM Industry Image?

Cre8asite Forums – “Has the industry tanked or is this just what being an SEO/SEM is all about?”

NYT On Google As The New Microsoft
Search Engine Watch Forums

“Relax, Bill Gates; It’s Google’s Turn as the Villain is an interesting revisit to an old theme that seems to be picking up speed — Google as the new Microsoft. Think they are growing too dominant in everything? Think even if they are, they’ll be the ‘nice’ version of Microsoft?”

New Google Desktop Search 2 With Widgets Sidebar
Search Engine Watch Forums

“Google’s latest desktop search release comes with a new sidebar that shows news headlines, RSS feeds, a scratch pad, photos. First step toward Google Office 2006 or a Google OS [operating system”?”

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Google Dabbling in Print Ad Brokerage
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Upgrade and Enhancements Coming to THOMAS
Federal Computer Week Sep 1 2005 1:55PM GMT
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Overview of MIPT Terrorism Knowledge Base
ResourceShelf Sep 1 2005 1:48PM GMT
Google thinks I care about the Orioles
ZDNet Sep 1 2005 1:01PM GMT
Google: ‘Ex-Microsoft exec crucial to China R&D drive’ Sep 1 2005 12:25PM GMT
Ukrainian search engine market: Google – 40.4%, Yandex – 16%, Rambler – 14.7%
ZDNet Sep 1 2005 8:24AM GMT
Search-engine advertising set to pass banner ads
The New Zealand Herald Sep 1 2005 12:38AM GMT

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