Developing a Custom Link Building Campaign

You’ve tried the mass market approach to link building. The competition is heating up and you aren’t getting the results you need. Now you’re ready for a custom link program.

Let’s explore some of the steps to put together a custom link marketing campaign.

Evaluate Labor Resources

This step is vital to determining whether your marketing/SEO team can handle it in-house or if an outside company should be hired. This could also be a hybrid system where your team puts together the plan, but another company handles the labor. There are many options here.

Several questions to ask:

  • Is there someone on staff with sufficient time to carry out the program?
  • Could you hire a part-time worker or freelancer?
  • Does your SEO manager have time to manage a new employee?

These are all important questions to consider. For some companies, handling it in-house will work out great. Others will want to focus on their core business and outsource link marketing.


The right idea is essential to a successful custom link campaign. Start this process off by putting together a list of several ideas. Then determine which will work best for your company. You may even have an idea that folds right into a current marketing program your company is planning.

Here are some starting points to consider for the idea:

  • Is there a common problem you can provide a solution to?
  • Is there some unique research to be carried out and publish?
  • Is there a widget or application that would be popular?
  • What can your company provide to encourage people to link to your site?

Once you’ve narrowed down your list of ideas, run through the link building process in your mind for each idea. Try to find any obstacles. Look for the holes and challenges.

Ask others to do the same. A fresh set of eyes can often easily spot these because they have no investment in the idea.

Plan of Action

Now it’s time to develop an action plan. It’s important to have a clear strategy.

Ask yourself:

  • How will it be implemented?
  • Who does what?
  • What are the goals?
  • How are the results measured?

Once that’s all sorted out, it’s time to put the plan into action. Make sure to leave room for adjustments and modifications. As it is being implemented, adjustments may appear that could vastly increase the success of your campaign.

If your link campaign is successful, then expand it. If it didn’t work out to your satisfaction, then look for the lessons to be learned. Then apply those lessons to your next campaign. After all, they’re not all going to be as successful as you’d like.

Even R.H. Macy failed seven times before creating his first successful store. He learned from each failure and applied those lessons to his next venture.

A custom link marketing campaign won’t only increase your quality links — it will increase your online exposure. Remember good link building is just good marketing.

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