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SEW Expert - Erik Qualman Erik
President 2.0
In the same way JFK benefitted from the emerging medium of television, Barack Obama was helped into the White House by the increasing popularity of social media. His appeal to younger audiences, and need to get exposure in a primary race against an established opponent led Obama to develop his online strategy. Businesses can learn from his campaign.
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SEW Expert - Frank Watson Frank
Creating Simple, Yet Impressive Charts
Making reports that can be viewed and understood by clients or C-level executives can be challenging, but one impactful way to provide the data is with charts. A graph can illustrate the results of your SEO efforts in ways that numbers just can’t.
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SEW Expert - Gregg Stewart Gregg
Offline and Online Conversions Tracking: Increase Your ROI
The accountability of online marketing is only as good as the analytics an advertiser employs. Tracking conversions — both online and offline — can be tricky, but it is an important part of any online marketing program, especially for businesses with a local presence.
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SEW Expert - David Szetela David
The Good, the Bad and the Ugly: Click-Through and Conversion Rates
What’s a good click-through rate? What’s a good conversion rate? That’s not an easy question to generalize on, but there are some guidelines that can help you see if yours is acceptable.
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News from the Search Engine Watch Blog

Blog Content Influences Consumer Buying Behavior
Posted by Greg Jarboe Nov 14, 2008

New market research has found that blog readers are strongly influenced by blog content when it comes to purchase decisions across a number of categories, and that blogs play a key role in ushering readers to the point of an actual purchase. BuzzLogic, a social media analysis company and …
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Walmart Sends DMCA Notice to SearchAllDeals, TechCrunch
Posted by Nathania Johnson Nov 14, 2008

Walmart has sent a DMCA notice to TechCrunch and, a shopping search engine and deals aggregator. (Think of it as the Techmeme for deals on the web, with a Google custom search engine to boot.) Both sites posted some information about “Black Friday” sales for discount giant Wal-mart. But Wal-mart …
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Civil Complaint Brought Against Mark Cuban for Insider Trading Regarding
Posted by Nathania Johnson Nov 17, 2008

Fox Business is reporting that a civil complaint has been brought against Mark Cuban for insider trading regarding “The Mother of All Search Engines”, which is owned by Copernic (CNIC). Cuban learned that the company would be issuing a PIPE: a public investment and private equity. In other words, they …
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24/7 Real Media is Fastest Growing Top 10 Ad Network
Posted by Nathania Johnson Nov 17, 2008

While some sectors in the economy are struggling, 24/7 Real Media brings some much needed good news. They are the fastest growing top ten ad network in the six months ending October 2008, according to the comScore Media Metrix report. 24/7 grew by 36% and now reaches 135 million unique …
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AOL Presents the Platform-A Tour
Posted by Nathania Johnson Nov 17, 2008

AOL’s ad network, Platform-A, is going on tour. The 5-city event begins in New York City on November 17th at the American Museum of Natural History. The next stop will be Atlanta on November 20. The tour will break for the holidays before hitting Chicago, Los Angeles, and San Francisco …
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Search Engine Watch Forum Discussions

Google Content Performance Nov 17, 2008
We have now spent two months testing between using Google content controlled by site exclusion against using placements only, and against using placements with specified keywords. Unfortunately, I have to be fairly vague here, due to potential competition. Results: Google w/site exclusion only: Bad Google w/placements: worse (using our top 50 performing sites …
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Irrelevant keywords driving traffic to my site Nov 14, 2008
Sometime back we built out a few pages targeting few keywords that were not really relevant to our site but just aimed at google adsense and income from it. I know its a bad idea..well not mine though. Then about 3 months back we redirected (301 redirect) all those pages …
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Blocked Domains increase to 500 domains per account Nov 14, 2008
All, I wanted to share some news with our advertisers. We just increased the number of Blocked Domains allowed per U.S. account from 250 to 500, to provide advertisers with more control over their target audience. For more info, please take a look at this post on the YSM Blog: Thanks, YahooPete
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