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SEW Expert - Kevin Ryan Kevin

What’s on your Mind?
Anyone engaged in the practice of search has at one time or another struggled to motivate searchers. Motivation comes in the form of click action, triggered by text. But the action starts long before reaching search results.
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SEW Expert - Tim Ash Tim

Coherency in Landing Page Testing
Coherency is an overall sense of your design hanging together. It’s a congruity and harmonious consistency in the relation of all parts to the whole. And it’s largely ignored by landing page testers, leading visitors to respond to incoherent pages with a variety of gut reactions, and none of them are flattering.
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SEW Expert - Carrie Hill Carrie

Local Search for Little Biz
For many small businesses, commercial transactions don’t take place on the Web. Anything that you’d traditionally look for in the print yellow pages becomes a local search on the Internet. Luckily for small business owners, there are steps they can take to influence many of the factors that positively affect local search rankings.
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SEW Expert - Mark Jackson Mark

What are Good Links, Anymore?
Furthering your brand through social media, press release optimization, paid search, and directory placement will “naturally” get you more recognition from the search engines. But these methods aren’t paid links…or are they? The Google paid link debate rages on.
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News from the Search Engine Watch Blog

Google Lively: Comprehensive Guide to Getting Started
Posted by Kevin Heisler Jul 9, 2008

Second Life, get a life. Google Lively is the new virtual world created by the world’s largest search engine. Google Lively is billed as a “chat experience” using avatars. Google says, “You’re about to embark on a chat experience in which you can communicate and express yourself using avatars in …
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AdWords Keyword Tool Now Shows Numerical Data
Posted by Nathania Johnson Jul 9, 2008

If you hear loud shouts of exuberance coming from your SEM department (or consultant), that’s because keyword research just got a whole lot easier. I’m super-excited to report that Google announced that it has officially added numerical data to its AdWords Keyword Tool. Now instead of staring at green bars, …
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Where My Ads At? Yahoo Knows
Posted by Nathania Johnson Jul 9, 2008

Now you see it. Now you don’t. If you conduct search advertising over at Yahoo, your experience may feel a bit like hide and seek at first. But Kastle Waserman, Communications Manager, managed to find the time and wherewithal at troubled Yahoo to answer this very problem on their Search …
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Yahoo’s Yang Rips Microsoft and Icahn
Posted by Kevin Heisler Jul 9, 2008

CEO Jerry Yang accused Microsoft of trying to destabilize Yahoo without intending to complete a deal, according to the Wall St. Journal. Yang also fired back at billionaire investor Carl Icahn and his selection of a new Yahoo board. What ticked Yang off? Microsoft said publicly it would restart buyout talks …
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Back-to-School Offline Purchases Influenced by Online Ads
Posted by Nathania Johnson Jul 9, 2008

AOL has released data from a Platform-A study examining the influences of online advertising on offline back-to-school purchasing. Here’s what you need to know: 83% of consumers indicate that theyâ””re somewhat likely to seek information on promotions they see online.Women are typically the primary decision-makers for back-to-school purchases.40% of consumers who …
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Google Can’t Fix All of YouTube’s Ad Problems with ‘Project Spaghetti’
Posted by Nathania Johnson Jul 9, 2008

Google is struggling to monetize YouTube and will fall short of revenue projections this year, according to the Wall Street Journal. Tim Armstrong, Google’s President North American Advertising and Commerce, told the Journal that 105 problems have been identified with YouTube’s advertising process. Meanwhile, 24 different processes were identified for …
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Google, Microsoft and Facebook to Testify to U.S. Senate about Online Ad Privacy
Posted by Nathania Johnson Jul 9, 2008

The Senate Commerce Committee is today holding a hearing about online advertising privacy. Scheduled to testify are: Jane Horvath, Google Senior Privacy CounselMike Hintze, Microsoft Associate General Counsel, Legal & Corporate AffairsChris Kelly, Facebook Chief Privacy Officer For Google’s part, Horvath says she’ll be focusing on the following: First, Google supports the passage …
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Google Docs Dying for a Checkup
Posted by Kevin Heisler Jul 8, 2008

The Register reported today that Google Docs disappeared in the cloud computing stratosphere, leaving users hoping for a house call from the Google guys. No word yet on the outage on the official Google Docs blog. Cade Metz noted that Google’s Docs and Spreadsheets disappeared today for close to an hour, …
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Search Engine Watch Forum Discussions

Localizing searches Jul 9, 2008
If you were to target a few states instead of the entire U.S. do you save money on the clicks or is it about the same?
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Poll: Do you Typically Outsource Your Link Building? Jul 9, 2008
Quick poll. That I think others would find useful as well. Do you typically outsource your link building portion of your SEO campaign?
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SERP description not what’s on the site Jul 8, 2008
I have never come across this before. We just changed the title tag on a site and noticed a description snipet that Google picked up is not anywhere on the page – see blow. They don’t have this sentence anywhere on their site so what gives? and how do we …
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