Searching for Corporate Milestones

A unique feature from the MSN Money portal provides a list of the major milestones and historic events for publicly traded companies.

Personal investing portals abound on the web. Offering a wide range of information ranging from historic stock quotes to SEC EDGAR filings, these resources provide a variety of tools for the investor and business researcher.

Most of these types of sites provide the same basic services (quotes, charts, news headlines). However, if you spend some time exploring these portals, you’ll often come across some unique features that each site offers.

An example of a feature you don’t find on many investment portals comes from MSN Money stock research page. The feature is called “Key Developments”.

Key Developments offers the researcher a succinct list of events for many publicly traded U.S. companies. To access these you simply enter the company name or ticker symbol.

For example, searching the key developments database for The Coca-Cola Company I was able to access a list of 126 events dating back to January of 1999. These developments include earnings and product announcements, legal issues, and partnership arrangements.

Each entry contains a date and headline along with a couple of sentences about the specific event or announcement. Once you access a list of developments, it’s possible to limit the list to “all developments”, “earnings announcements”, and “product announcements”.

Key Developments is updated frequently: when preparing this article I found entries that were just a day old.

MSN obtains this material from Multex, a well-known provider of investment and business information.

MSN Money’s Stock Research Center
You’ll find the link to “Key Developments” database in the left column.

“Key Developments” from MSN Money
A direct link the database.

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