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ROI Tracking Between Lead and Sale
High Rankings Forum
“I can easily figure out where our leads are coming from, but determining which leads actually become sales is proving very tricky.”

Determining Commercial Intent
Cre8asite Forums
“Is it possible, without search engine data, to determine the commercial intent of a query?”

Yahoo Click Charges to be Based on Quality of Traffic
Search Engine Watch Forums
“Quality is calculated based on conversion rates and other measurements of the ability to deliver more interested and valuable customers to you from particular distribution partner sites.”

If I hire someone to do “SEO” what exactly are they doing?
Sitepoint Forums
“SEO is not purely a scientific approach of producing results. It is a mixture of art and science.”

Does a Site Redesign Spell Trouble for Rankings?
High Rankings Forum
“We’ve done about a dozen major site redeployments in the last 8 months, and in every case but one, we saw dramatic improvements in rankings and targeted traffic after about 60 days.”

Firefox Hides Top Ranking Sponsored Links?
Search Engine Watch Forums
“Strangely, when searching in Google, my results are not showing in the first page of results unless I click on ‘more sponsored links’ when they are top.”

Steps to Recover from a Penalty?
High Rankings Forum
“All the 300 or so keywords and phrases we monitor carefully were thrown right to the back of the rankings. Does anyone have a ‘recovery guide’ for getting back to the top?”

Local Business Ads on Google Content Network
Search Engine Watch Forums
“If I am running a Local Ads campaign on Content Network and targeting some specific regions in California, will my Ads be displayed only on those context sensitive websites which are being accessed in that targeted area?”

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