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Google Sitemaps Now Accepting Web Page Feeds
Search Engine Watch Forums

“The new Google Sitemaps program allow site owners to feed pages for inclusion in Google’s web index for free. Discuss how it works and pose questions to the Sitemaps team in this thread.”

Accent Marks in Other Languages
Search Engine Watch Forums

“The fact is that if you search in Google for a word with an accent mark and without it, you will get similar but different results. What if the word you want to optimize for has an accent mark but people never type it in when searching?”

SEO – Easy To Sell – But Can You Deliver?
High Rankings Forum

“Many who read articles and forums can easily sell SEO [search engine optimization” to nearly anyone if they want to. They know all the right things to say, and know exactly which buttons to push to get a client to sign on the dotted line. But what happens after you make that sale? Can you deliver on your promises? Do too many SEO companies sell stuff that they really shouldn’t be selling?”

AdWords Untargeted Ads Disappearing?
Search Engine Watch Forums

“Yesterday I could search Google for ‘trash’ and it would bring me the usual eBay + whatever-ads (‘New or used trash? check eBay’). Now it doesn’t any more. Are the untargeted ads (or what are they called?) gone now? I always found them really lousy, especially when they were on an AdSense-page…”

Significant Changes In Google Results: May 2005
Search Engine Watch Forums

“It’s official. Changes spotted in late May are part of a major Google update. Comments and observations about changes are covered in this thread.”

GoogleGuy’s Bourbon
Webmaster World

“I’ve been aching for a long time to mention somewhere official that sites shouldn’t use ‘&id=’ as a parameter if they want maximal Googlebot crawlage … Plenty of legit sites use iframes, so it wouldn’t make sense to penalize for it. … I recommend absolute links instead of relative links, because there’s less chance for a spider (not just Google, but any spider) to get confused.”

Out Of Link Building Ideas
High Rankings Forum

“Here’s what I’ve tried so far, can any one offer some suggestions?”

How to Find Thousands of Quality Backlinks
Webmaster World

“I have used this list a lot to find quality sites for backlinks. For nine months I have systematically used these search-terms and contacted all top 200 site owners by personal email or using their forms. Now I have more than 3000 links to my site.”

Shopzilla is Sold for $525 Million
Webmaster World

“Scripps said it would pay $525 million in cash for 100 percent of Shopzilla, a comparison shopping search engine.”

MyWeb Hits the SERPS
Webmaster World

“Was doing some searching on Yahoo this morning and noticed MyWeb has been added to the serps [search engine results pages” – each website in the serps has a ‘save’ and ‘block’ next to it for people to log in and start using MyWeb. Wonder if they’ll be using this information to determine quality within the serps, etc as well.”

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Google Recruits Mature Minds to Join Brainiac Kids
Newhouse News Service Jun 9 2005 9:53PM GMT
Study: Search Engines Still Fail to Disclose Ads
ClickZ Today Jun 9 2005 9:50PM GMT
In the Ring: Ask Jeeves vs. Google
NewsFactor Network Jun 9 2005 8:10PM GMT
Major search engine is ‘hijacked’ in phishing attempt
Windows Southern Africa Jun 9 2005 7:58PM GMT
AOL Expands Search Net
Internet News Jun 9 2005 7:06PM GMT
Comparing the comparison-shopping networks
Investors Business Daily Jun 9 2005 5:07PM GMT
Google woos publishers at Book Expo
PC Advisor Jun 9 2005 4:24PM GMT
Vertical Search: Interview with Jorn Teutloff,
SoCalTech Jun 9 2005 4:21PM GMT
Do Google Ads Help Fund Spyware?
eWeek Jun 9 2005 4:19PM GMT
Research Tools: Launches Side-by-Side Vehicle Comparison Tool
URLwire Jun 9 2005 3:22PM GMT
Corporate sites missing search engine hits due to design flaws
Revolution Jun 9 2005 3:19PM GMT
New Study Reports Consumers are Suspicious of Paid Listings
Search Engine Watch Jun 9 2005 3:11PM GMT
Ask Jeeves takes on Google Jun 9 2005 12:39PM GMT
Google Maps Make Demographics Come Alive
AP Jun 9 2005 12:22PM GMT
Finding Answers Beyond Web Search
BetaNews Jun 9 2005 7:56AM GMT

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