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SEW Expert - Mark Jackson Mark

Who Audits the Auditor?
There are some individuals and companies who will provide SEO audits. But some of these folks look at this as an opportunity for them to earn new business or referral checks. So how do you get an honest opinion on whether your SEO efforts have a passing grade?
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SEW Expert - Aaron Shear Aaron

Worried About the Economy? Why Not Try SEO?
Many companies that have been focusing on search advertising are finding their budgets starting to be squeezed by the recent economic downturn. It may be time to pay more attention to SEO. Search engine optimization doesn’t require a huge investment, but it can offer large rewards.
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SEW Expert - David Szetela David

PPC Bidding Strategies: Prudence vs. Aggressiveness
When it comes to PPC bids, should you start low and build up? Or start high and come down? As with many things, the right strategy for your company depends on your situation and objectives.
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News from the Search Engine Watch Blog

T-Mobile Officially Unveils First Google Android Phone
Posted by Nathania Johnson Sep 23, 2008

After months of speculation, the long-awaited announcement of the first Google Android-powered mobile device has officially been announced. Today, in New York City, T-mobile unveiled the G1, an HTC device with a touch screen and a slide-out QWERTY keypad. This definitely has the potential to be an Apple iPhone competitor. There …
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Web Analytics Association Asks for Public Comment on New Standard Definitions
Posted by Nathania Johnson Sep 23, 2008

The Web Analytics Association is asking for public comment on a new and revised standard definitions for metrics regarding visits, content, and conversion. The WAA is hosting a blog where the analytics community may give comment. They will be accepting comment through early 2009. Discussion of the new standards will …
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AOL’s Platform-A Unveils Plans for Self-Service Ad Marketplace Exchange
Posted by Nathania Johnson Sep 23, 2008

AOL’s Platform-A is planning to launch a new self-service marketplace exchange for advertisers. Dubbed BidPlace, the platform will allow advertisers to dynamically bid and manage inventory for display ads across Platform-A’s network. BidPlace will launch in the first half of 2009. The platform will include: Pricing â”” Change bids at any timeCreative …
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Larry Page to Keynote White Spaces Advocacy Event in DC
Posted by Nathania Johnson Sep 23, 2008

Tomorrow, Google co-founder Larry Page will keynote the “Broadband for the Future Event” in Washington, DC. The event is designed to advocate for white spaces, something Google has been adamant about for a long time. If you’re unaware, white spaces are a unused airwaves between TV stations. Google wants them to …
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Search Engine Watch Forum Discussions

Google display URL Policy Sep 23, 2008
I have a competitor who is using a URL that I think Google is allowing, even though it is not supposed to be allowed anymore. Obviously I won’t say who the competitors is, so the following is a totally random example I’ve made up, but illustrates the problem: Keyword: Childrens Toys Display URL: …
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Google Doesn’t Monitor Landing Pages Sep 23, 2008
This morning a competitor of ours is using a javascript based pop up window to trap users if they try to exit their landing page by closing out the browser window or navigating away to another domain name. When any of these onChange events occur the visitor gets the following: Image: …
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Google Updates the Dynamic vs. Static URL Debate Sep 23, 2008
Google’s latest Official Webmaster Central Blog post provides some great information when it comes to the age old dynamic vs. static debate. 🙂
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