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SEW Expert - Eric Enge Eric

Building a Data-Driven Organization
Organizations with streamlined operations, plus fast and accurate decision-making, can gain a decisive edge over competitors. One important step to take is to become data-driven, and creating an organization where analytics emerge from a centralized structure driven by the top of the organization.
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SEW Expert - Kevin Ryan Kevin

Vote Obama/Google in ’08?
Google CEO Eric Schmidt hit the campaign trail this week with presidential candidate Barack Obama. Did he cross the line? Is there any merit to Google’s statement that Mr. Schmidt’s personal beliefs are his own and Google isn’t backing Obama, just its CEO?
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Google Analytics Unveils 7 Major Updates
Posted by Nathania Johnson Oct 22, 2008

Just in time for a weakening economy and the holiday retail season, Google will begin rolling out 7 new features to Analytics over the coming weeks. The new updates are enterprise level features that Google will now be offering for free. First up is an integration with AdSense. This one will …
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Yahoo Q3 2008 Earnings: It Ain’t Pretty
Posted by Nathania Johnson Oct 22, 2008

Yahoo had its third quarter earnings call yesterday and the news wasn’t pretty. I’m not really sure how much the economy can really be blamed for how dismal the news was. Search advertising should be one of the last sectors within advertising as a whole to be affected by the …
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Yahoo To Cut Workforce By 10%
Posted by Frank Watson Oct 21, 2008

During their third quarter financial report call today, Yahoo announced they will be cutting their employee numbers by 10 percent. Unfortunately, the employees will not have much coming from any of their Yahoo stocks which are at 52 week lows and the poor financial report will not help improve the numbers. …
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60% of Marketing Budgets Remain Unchanged by Economy
Posted by Nathania Johnson Oct 22, 2008

So far, the majority of marketing budgets are not facing changes or cuts due to the economy, according to survey results released by eMetrics. 60% of respondents said their marketing budgets haven’t changed. After that, the news gets a little discouraging. 27.6% said their budgets are being affected negatively, while 6.9% answered …
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G1 Officially Available Today, Should You Buy One?
Posted by Nathania Johnson Oct 22, 2008

The G1, a new mobile device from HTC available and featuring Google’s brand spankin’ new mobile platform Android, is now officially available at T-mobile. But should you ditch your Blackberry, Palm, iPhone, etc to get one? The G1 has a touch screen, similar to the iPhone, but it doesn’t have multitouch. It …
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Quintura Unveils Site Search, Receives Patent
Posted by Nathania Johnson Oct 22, 2008

Quintura has launched its first site search solution. It’s initially only available in the U.S. “Web publishers who add Quintura’s free, hosted solution to their websites will realize significant cost savings and generate a new revenue stream,” said Yakov Sadchikov, founder and CEO of Quintura. “Online publishers are given a …
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Google’s My Location Now with WiFi
Posted by Nathania Johnson Oct 22, 2008

Google’s My Location technology is cool. When I’m using my iPhone, I just hit a button and it gets a pretty close assessment of where I am, using cell triangulation (yes, I still have a first gen iPhone). Now, Google is outfitting My Location with the ability to use WiFi access …
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Search Engine Watch Forum Discussions

Not showing in results after domain expired Oct 22, 2008
I mistakenly let one of my high ranking domains expire, now I am not showing in the results, does anyone have any experience with this? Do you know how long I could expect it to take before I start ranking again? Cheers
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Links in Blog posts Oct 21, 2008
If someone provides a link to you via a blog post on a blog that has a PR of say 4 or so. What happens after a week or so when that post slides off the homepage and is now on a page with no PR? I assume …
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First Page Estimate Oct 21, 2008
Hi I have a very perplexing issue. I have several keywords that adsense is saying that I need to raise the maximum bid to £0.50 from its current £0.25 level to be on the first page. However when I do a search for that keyword using google no ads appear on any pages Any …
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