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SEW Expert - Erik Qualman Erik

Be Stubborn With Your Social Media Vision, but Flexible With Your Plan
The difference between a social media vision and plan is quite simple. The vision is the goal, where you want to get to. The plan is composed of the tactical pieces that will help you get there.
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SEW Expert - Ron Jones Ron

PPC Bid Management 101
There is a healthy debate out there on whether or not bid management tools are really effective. It comes down to the complexity of your campaigns and whether or not using a bid management tool will help you save time and money.
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SEW Expert - Frank Watson Frank

Building a Search Marketing Consulting Business
With the job market going the way it is, and people always looking for ways to supplement their incomes, many search marketers are considering building their own consultancy business. We’ve got a few tips for how to get started.
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News from the Search Engine Watch Blog

Eye Tracking Study Shows Sponsored Ads Attract Social Media Searchers
Posted by Nathania Johnson Jul 14, 2009

A new eye tracking study from Oneupweb shows that search is a core element of social media sites. They did studies on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube, arguably three of the most popular social networking sites right now. The study is especially relevant when you consider that search queries on Facebook grew …
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Is TechCrunch Calling For Search Regulations or Running Test of Social Media, Link Building?
Posted by Frank Watson Jul 14, 2009

Okay, TechCrunch publishes an anonymous article calling for the regulation of SEO and SEM aimed squarely at the monopoly that is Google. The hue and cry is being heard around the world, mainly through comments being posted on Twitter. But is the article really just a way for TechCrunch to …
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Sign Up for Chance to Win Extreme Site Makeover at SES San Jose
Posted by Greg Jarboe Jul 14, 2009

You know you need it. So, what are you waiting for? SES San Jose, which will take place at the McEnery Convention Center on August 10-14, 2009, is offering extreme makeovers for the sites of three contest winners. The drawing will be held prior to the event and entries …
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Google Product Search for Mobile Updated for More Languages and Devices, Adds Google Suggest
Posted by Nathania Johnson Jul 14, 2009

When Google Product Search for Mobile was launched, it was only for the iPhone and Android phones. Now, it’s available for all internet-enabled devices in the US, UK, Germany and South Korea. Additionally, Google Suggest, a query suggestion feature, has been added to Product Search for Mobile, but it is …
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Search Engine Watch Forum Discussions

Anonymous TechCrunch Author Slams SEO Jul 13, 2009
An anonymous “executive” on TechCrunch ( claims the time has come for the government to regulate SEM and SEO. He/she claims Google and the SEOs/SEMs have too much control. Of course the SEO world is up in arms, especially since the author baits SEOs but lacks the guts to use …
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PPC Management Tool? Jul 9, 2009
Hello. Can anyone recommend a good offline tool that I can use to manage my PPC accounts in Google, Yahoo, and Bing? I love AdWords Editor, but I would love it even more if I could manage all three accounts from the same platform. It is just so tedious to …
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Anyone know whats going on here…? Jul 9, 2009
I did a backlink check on a competitors site, and they seem to have loads, I mean maybe hundreds, of links from blogs, that all follow the same sort of pattern. They all seem to be articles, that end in a keyphrase and link of some kind that have nothing much …
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