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Improving The Reputation Of The SEM Industry
Search Engine Watch Forums

“Perhaps the way to a solution is to ask what’s the problem? To me, the problem for the entire SEM [search engine marketing” industry is that there are clients who don’t know who to trust. That means a lost opportunity, both for SEM firms and for search engines themselves, because some of these lost clients would spend money on ads.”

Local Search Seen Hurting Local Media
Webmaster World

“‘Old media’ outlets are finally being held accountable by their customers to demonstrate a return on their advertising dollar. I love having clients compare returns.”

Launching Content and e-Commerce Sites
Cre8asite Forums

“If your budget allows, I would highly recommend sinking a fair amount of your budget on a good search engine marketing consultant; someone you feel comfortable with and one that you can trust. A person like this, in my view, is worth their weight in gold and will be critical to getting your sites off to a good start.”

Yahoo Category Links Gone Away?
Search Engine Watch Forums

“So this begs the question, are directories dying?” Links
High Rankings Forum

“Just wondering if anyone here has any experience with getting your site linked via It seems to be a good way to get your site seen by your particular target audience… but if it is, why aren’t more folks doing it?”

Automated Link Exchange Backlash
Webmaster World

“The days of automated link exchange are dead. Google caught on quite a while ago. That is why you see so many link directories out there collecting dust with no PageRank and no love!”

Google Introduces Key Name Search Into Toolbar
Webmaster World

“Google puts Realnames like functionality into tool bar.”

$39.99 to Get Listed in Some Directory?
Best Practices Forums

“[Has” anyone found it useful to list a site in any of those so called directories that list your site for $39.99?”

Different Stats In Different Stats Software
High Rankings Forum

“By picking a stat package that presents me the type(s) of information I’m looking for in a format I find usable, and by analyzing the log data using that package over time, I can see the trends in my traffic. Do I get most of my visitors during the week or on weekends? At what time of day? Is my traffic overall going up, going down, or staying about the same? … That sort of thing.”

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So Many Pages, Such Feeble Search
Business Week Jul 16 2004 9:08AM GMT
MSN adds to search tools by snapping up Lookout
Seattle Times Jul 16 2004 8:17AM GMT
Local Search Begins in Boston
Niki Scevak Blog Jul 16 2004 2:31PM GMT
Commentary: Is Microsoft Set to Shut Down? Jul 16 2004 12:52PM GMT
Tim Berners-Lee, Inventor of the World Wide Web, Knighted by Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II Jul 16 2004 8:11AM GMT
Medical Metasearch Engine Launches
EContent Jul 16 2004 6:07AM GMT
MSN Buys Desktop Search Tool, Re-Orgs Sales Team
ClickZ Today Jul 16 2004 5:08AM GMT
Yes, Virginia, There Is SEM Brand Lift, Part 1
ClickZ Today Jul 16 2004 3:32AM GMT
Search firms hunt the next dotcom boom Jul 16 2004 3:03AM GMT
Fiat and Microsoft team up to surf Web in car
Reuters Jul 15 2004 11:46AM GMT
Consumers respond to brands placed high in paid search listings, study says Jul 15 2004 1:29AM GMT
VIEWPOINT:New Attack on DVD Piracy Goes Too Far
Tech News World Jul 14 2004 5:10PM GMT
Travelzoo Launches Travel Meta-Search
ResearchBuzz Jul 14 2004 1:06PM GMT
Searching for The New York Times
Wired News Jul 14 2004 9:43AM GMT
What’s Next? A Conversation about Web Communication with XML Pioneer, Tim Bray Jul 14 2004 0:27AM GMT

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