SearchDay: Google Sitelinks – The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

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Search Engine Watch Expert - Chris Boggs
Google Sitelinks – The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly
» SEM CROSSFIRE: Two industry veterans provide their insights on the hottest topics in SEM
The addition of sitelinks to the top listing in certain Google searches can be a boon to site owner. Unfortunately, as with all tests of new technology, this feature has some pretty serious bugs. Some are Google’s fault and some are a combination of Google and Webmasters’ fault.
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Search Engine Watch Expert - Fionn Downhill
Training Your Search Marketing Employees – Part 2
» BUSINESS OF SEARCH: Winning business strategies to build a search engine marketing agency
Advanced practitioners come to an agency with the skills in place to help grow the business. That’s why we hire them. Because they’re skilled in relation to their job, your priority should be to train them to flourish in your agency.
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News from the Search Engine Watch Blog

Taguchi Sucks for Landing Page Testing
Posted by Tim Ash
The Taguchi Method is a bad fit for landing page testing. This is a well understood fact to anyone with a solid understanding of basic statistics. Unfortunately this seems to leave out most landing page testers.
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Yahoo Responds To Icahn
Posted by Frank Watson
Yahoo Chairman Roy Bostock fired back a reply, on behalf of the beleaguered board members Carl Icahn has been trying to replace, stating Icahn had a “significant misunderstanding of the facts about the Microsoft proposal and the diligence with which our board evaluated and responded to that proposal.”
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Internet Advertising Reaches Record High in 2007
Posted by Nathania Johnson
Internet advertising revenues reached an all-time high in 2007, totaling $21.7 billion, which is 26% higher than 2006. Keyword search leads the field when it comes to types of internet advertising.
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Google Leads UK Q1 2008 Search Engine Spending
Posted by Nathania Johnson
Google leads in UK search engine spending for the first quarter of 2008 with 85% of the market, according to data released by Efficient Frontier.
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Yahoo, WPP Partner To Sell Ad Inventory
Posted by Frank Watson
Yahoo just announced they will be partnering with WPP to provide access to their advertising inventory to the clients and agencies associated with WPP. The agreement involves the use of WPP’s recent acquisition, 24/7 Real Media.
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Yahoo Starting To Geo Target Vistors?
Posted by Frank Watson
Yahoo appears to be sending visitors to country-specific versions of their homepage. So if you try and go to from England or Germany you end up at the country-specific version of the Yahoo homepage.
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Social Media Evil: Lori Drew and the Dark Side of MySpace
Posted by Kevin Heisler
The U.S. government charged with conspiracy a mother who allegedly used MySpace in a deadly hoax that drove her daughter’s 13-year-old classmate to suicide.
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Search Engine Watch Forum Discussions

Google Testing Green SERPs
Posted by iCrossing UK
We have recently noticed that Google is testing green backgrounds above and below the SERPs. This test seems to be happening only on a very limited number of datacentres in the UK.
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What Are the Benefits of Outbound Links?
Posted by clickagent75
With so much talk about “nofollow”ing outbound links, containing Google’s link juice, and leakage, what are the benefits of linking out?
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Can AdWords Handle the Future?
Posted by abbottsys
To move to the future Google will need to provide a far more sophisticated interface into its ad services than that currently offered through browsers.
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