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PPC Targeted to Mexico
Search Engine Watch Forums
“I have a client that wants to expand their PPC [pay per click” efforts to include Mexico. I know this market has huge potential so I am looking for some guidance as to how to go about getting this started.”

Google Ranking In Other Countries
High Rankings Forum
“I just tried to do a search for a term I rank well for ( and in and I couldn’t find my site in the first few pages. How can I replicate my rankings (as close as possible) in Google’s other sites, I’m interested in South Africa, Germany, China…”

How to Rank Well In Google Maps (Local)
Small Business Ideas Forum
“There is some sort of internal serps/rankings methodology that will give certain businesses higher rankings over others regardless of distance from a site. I wonder if any of you have a feel for those elements.”

Yahoo! Korea Create Webzari Site Explorer
Webmaster World
“The Yahoo! Korea team has taken Site Explorer a step forward with with a different look and created Webzari.”

Multiple Impressions from 1 Search
Search Engine Watch Forums
“I’ve noticed that when you dig deep into the often unchartered territory of pages 2 onwards of Google search results, eventually you start seeing adverts from the same advertisers as on earlier pages. So, when this occurs are you registering two impressions (or more) from that one set of search results?”

Just Arrived off Noah’s Ark
Site Reference Forum
“…it seems to me like a semantic web is the direction that people want to go, but search engine operators are hesitant due to what they perceive as incompetence.”

Google’s Invalid Click Detection Efforts Paper
Webmaster World
“As a part of this evaluation, I have visited Google’s campus three times, examined various internal documents, interviewed several Google’s employees, have seen different demos of their invalid click inspection system, and examined internal reports and charts showing various aspects of performance of Google’s invalid click detection system.”

Google Showing Click Fraud Numbers In AdWords
Search Engine Watch Forums
“Our own AdWordsRep chimes in on this newly added feature and explains more.”

Fixing Your Websites Quality Score
Webmaster World
“The first thing I did was get on the phone to my Google Rep. He was more than happy to help, though he didn’t know much about why the bid prices had gone up, he informed me that there were changes made and he would investigate on my behalf.. After a few days he had investigated the problem and got feedback from engineers that my website had broken the following guidelines.”

Page 1 Vs Page 2 Visitor, Who Is More Willing To Buy?
V7N Forum
“Which is better? Being on the first page of Google results or the second or third page? Assuming you have the right product at a reasonable rate to offer. It has been my theory that people going to your website from the second or third search results page are more willing to buy than people visiting your site from the first page of search results.”

Some Plaintiffs Fight Google Settlement
Webmaster World
“A set of plaintiffs in a class-action suit argued Monday that Google has not exercised reasonable care to prevent ‘click fraud’ and has misrepresented efforts to stop swindlers from repeatedly clicking website links to drive up advertising costs.”

Site Redesign – Does It Always Mean Lost Ranking?
Webmaster World
“Recently my main competitor redesigned their site and dropped out of Google for about 6 months does this always happen as i am thinking of redesigning my site?”

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