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Google Brain Implants?

“What I dislike is the thought of needing such a complicated procedure for finding the closest pizzeria.”

Yahoo Search Launches Free AddURL
Webmaster World

“As promised at the Webmasterworld Publishers Conference the free ADDURL has been launched on the Yahoo site.”

Will Tracking Bad Bots Hurt Ranking?
High Rankings Forum

“I was given the advice to create a 1×1 transparent gif and link it to a page in order to track bots… The purpose was to find the bots that were not adhering to the standards and see if I wanted to exclude them from crawling. I then read that doing this is considered a ‘no-no’ and would cause my site to be dropped by [search engines”. Can anyone confirm the accuracy of this information?”

Have You Been Asking Jeeves?
Cre8asite Forums

“There’s a change taking place at Ask Jeeves, and the timing is interesting given the latest news over Yahoo…”

Developing Google AdSense Tracking Script
Webmaster World

“I don’t know much about scripts such as these, so I can’t comment on any of them in particular. But if you’re not modifying the code, or trapping the clicks or changing the way ads are processed, it should be all right to implement a click-counter script like the ones suggested. Do be careful not to change the ad code without realizing it, though.”

How Do You Start Your Own Directory Like Dmoz?
High Rankings Forum

“…how does the system work from in and out? Sorry if I’m being a little too broad but it’ll help if you guys can tell me anything or everything you know about it.”

Yahoo’s New Program Pricing Announced…

“Before everyone goes into melt-down over what this means (or doesn’t), here is my take on the situation after listening to both Yahoo and Overture discuss what is happening…”

Search Conference Round-Up
Webmaster World

“Google, Yahoo, and Teoma led an all star cast through the paces at an outstanding conference this last week in Orlando.”

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SearchDay Week in Review

Google PageRank Lunacy
SearchDay, Mar. 4, 2004

The quest by some to improve their Google PageRank score seems to have reached the point of sheer madness. Even common decency may be abandoned in futile attempts by desperate (or simply less educated) online marketers and others who will seemingly stop at nothing to try and gain links in hopes of seeing more green in their Google toolbar.

Bad Medicine: Study Finds Problems with Online Healthcare Information
SearchDay, Mar. 3, 2004

Searching for health information on the web? Be careful: A new study says that it’s difficult for many people to accurately access and evaluate credible health information.

Yahoo Announces Content Acquisition Program
SearchDay, Mar. 2, 2004

Just two weeks after launching a brand new search engine, Yahoo has announced a content acquisition program that consolidates all of its paid inclusion programs and marks the beginning of an aggressive new campaign to significantly expand both the scope and quality of content available via Yahoo search.

Search Engine Milestones for February 2004
SearchDay, Mar. 1, 2004

Notable news and announcements from the web search world during the past month.

Search Headlines

Jeeves extends reach in searches…
San Jose Mercury News Mar 5 2004 11:38AM GMT
European Union pushes to retain ‘free’ Internet…
ZDNet UK Mar 5 2004 11:27AM GMT
Ask Jeeves doubles market share…
BBC Mar 5 2004 10:05AM GMT
Metadata reveals SCO switched legal target… Mar 5 2004 9:20AM GMT
NWC Project: Portals Review…
Network Computing Mar 5 2004 8:13AM GMT
Despite flak, ICANN attends to ‘business as usual’…
Industry Standard Mar 4 2004 11:48PM GMT
Yahoo Makes Free Search Engine Submission Available…
Search Engine Lowdown Mar 4 2004 11:47PM GMT
Why Yahoo’s New Paid Inclusion is a Natural Evolution of Business…
Search Engine Lowdown Mar 4 2004 11:47PM GMT
All three-letter .info and .biz domains registered… Mar 4 2004 5:12PM GMT
Metadata: Our Savior… Mar 4 2004 1:38AM GMT
Google Offers News Alerts In Several Languages…
Research Buzz Mar 3 2004 11:55PM GMT
Web search company shares continue rise…
Reuters Mar 3 2004 7:49PM GMT
Will Google IPO Bring Back the Dot-com Bubble?… Mar 3 2004 12:30PM GMT
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