SearchDay Week In Review

Google Unveils News Alert Service, Related Searches In AdSense
SearchDay, August 7, 2003

Google has released a new news alerts feature and made changes to how ads appear on web sites participating in its AdSense program.

A Search Haven for Engineers
SearchDay, August 6, 2003

Despite its somewhat ominous name, EEVL is an exceptional guide to engineering, mathematics and computing resources on the web.

Behind the Scenes at the Daypop Search Engine, Part Two
SearchDay, August 5, 2003

In May, SearchDay published the first part of an interview with Dan Chan, founder and sole proprietor of Daypop, a specialized search engine focusing on weblog and news content. Today, we present the second part of our conversation with Dan.

Searching for Corporate Milestones
SearchDay, August 4, 2003

A unique feature from the MSN Money portal provides a list of the major milestones and historic events for publicly traded companies.

Search Engine Forums Spotlight

New Overture Feature : Click Index
ihelpyou Forums
“IMO [In my opinion” it changes the dynamic of advertising on Overture, moving it closer to the Google model. Next thing you know, your Click Index will partly determine your position.”

The Value Of Online Articles, Persuading Clients
High Rankings Forum
“I think we’ve all got to find a way to make it clear to our clients just how well this can work. I know that I can tell my clients that I receive roughly half of my business as a direct result of articles and forum activity. I think if you can make examples like that, and at least get them to try one article, they may realize … it does produce some worthwhile results.”

New Link Added to Adsense Code…
“I think Google is making a mistake with the extra link. It leads viewers away from the actual ad content. This will reduce clicks for those advertisers.”

How Do crawlers Find and Index Dynamic Pages?
ihelpyou Forums
“Right now, the pages aren’t getting picked up at all. I do suspect the lack of a unique title is the problem with the pages not getting picked up. If that doesn’t work, I am going to create static pages from the db[database”.”

Google Introduces New Advanced Search Feature
SEO Chat
“You can now use the ˜ symbol to include synonyms in your search.”

Keyword Research Process
High Rankings Forum
“I’ve mapped out a ‘high-level’ description of the keyword research process into the following stages…”

New Directory – WebSavvy
ihelpyou Forums
“What the keyword function is mainly for is this, when sites are submitted they list keywords which they want to be found in SERPs[search engine results pages” under. Now, by searching this field for ‘yellow socks’ it would return in the SERPs all sites who have listed ‘yellow socks’ in their keyword terms.”

Search Engine Forums Spotlight courtesy Search Engine Guide.

Search Headlines

NOTE: Article links often change. In case of a bad link, use the publication’s search facility, which most have, and search for the headline.

New top-level domain goes .pro
ZDNet Aug 8 2003 11:09AM GMT
DoubleClick Becomes MicroStrategy Partner
Media Post Aug 8 2003 4:58AM GMT
Newspapers: Help wanted in Net ad battle
CNET via Business Week Aug 7 2003 10:05PM GMT
eBay Bans Google Keywords Aug 7 2003 1:40PM GMT
70% of brits don’t know what a Wi-Fi hot-spot is
The Register Aug 7 2003 1:36PM GMT
Espotting joins search hiring spree
Netimperative Aug 7 2003 11:56AM GMT
Japans broadband total tops 10 million
ZDNet Aug 7 2003 11:27AM GMT
EBay to Pay $29.5 Million in Patent Case Aug 7 2003 7:33AM GMT
Yahoo Picks Island Data
Media Post Aug 7 2003 2:24AM GMT
Yahoo to Jump to a WPP Agency
New York Times Aug 7 2003 1:48AM GMT
AOL 9 is A-OK
USA Today Aug 6 2003 9:24PM GMT
AOL Launches New Stand-Alone Communicator Aug 6 2003 5:00AM GMT
CareerBuilder Snatches MSN Aug 6 2003 5:00AM GMT
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