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SEW Expert - William Flaiz William

There’s No Secret Recipe to SEO
Some marketers are looking for a secret, step-by-step recipe to SEO success. But while a general framework is necessary to be effective, the search engine optimization process must be adaptable. Here are some tips for guiding you down the path to SEO success.
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SEW Expert - Michael Boland Michael

For Local Search, It’s All About the Online-Offline Gap
The need to bridge the gap between the online and offline worlds is a key issue in local search. Though search volume continues to rise and capture a growing percentage of product research, more than 95 percent of actual purchase behavior in the U.S. still takes place offline.
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SEW Expert - Frank Watson Frank

Looking for Answers in a Search Marketing Forum? Be Specific!
If you’re a newbie looking for guidance in search marketing, there are plenty of places to find it, if you know how to best phrase your request for information. Search marketing has grown into a very broad field, but if you take the time to ask specific questions, you’re much more likely to get you the answers you need.
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SEW Expert - Ron Jones Ron

Leveraging Social Media to Educate
There’s been lots of hype about social media lately. But what’s it mean from a business perspective? How can it help you educate potential clients or customers, or spread the word about your product or idea so that people are talking about it among themselves? Today, we’ll explore the basics of social media and how to get started using it to help spread that awareness you seek.
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SEW Expert - Sage Lewis Sage

Get Links Now: Make a Difference, Make Connections
Want to solve the link building riddle? Stop thinking about money and start thinking about something bigger. Getting outside of your own little world can expand your horizons, as well as your link portfolio.
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News from the Search Engine Watch Blog

Google Proceeding with Yahoo Deal in Early October
Posted by Nathania Johnson Aug 29, 2008

Google is proceeding with its deal to serve ads on Yahoo’s search results. CEO Eric Schmidt told Bloomberg TV that they were moving forward on the deal despite regulatory concerns. “We are in the process of talking to the government. They’ve not indicated one way or the other how they’re dealing …
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Does Today’s Image Upset Over 50% of the U.S.?
Posted by Nathania Johnson Aug 29, 2008

Recently, Microsoft started putting images as the background design of For two glorious weeks, the images were of Olympic events. Now, they’ve switched to politics. Today’s image is a closeup of Democratic Presidential Nominee Barack Obama at his big acceptance speech last night. But with less than half of …
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Microsoft to Acquire European Price Comparison and Shopping Site
Posted by Nathania Johnson Aug 29, 2008

Microsoft has reached an agreement to acquire Greenfield Online, the owner of Ciao, a European price comparison and shopping site. This seems to be in line with Microsoft’s strategy of focusing on building up focused areas of search. Ciao also includes consumer reviews and ratings with its search results. They boast …
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Search Engine Watch Forum Discussions

AdWords – First Page Goldrush Aug 28, 2008
The upcoming AdWords QS changes mean that all ads will go into the auction for a bid of just $0.01 – no more minBids and “inactive keywords”. Google serves zillions of SRPs per day, but there’s one class that’s especially interesting. These are the “empty or partially filled SRPs”, meaning …
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Keyword Tracking Tool? Aug 26, 2008
Are you still using keyword tracking programs / tools such as Web Position? If you are, what program / tool are you using? If you are not, why? Thanks for your thoughts. I just want to make sure I’m not missing any opportunities!
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How do I show up in Google local next to the map? Aug 25, 2008
I have noticed that when I search with a city name near me other companies that are farther away from me show up & I don”t” I do show up when I search the city I am in, but I”m 5th and the companies that are higher than me are not …
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