Highlights from the SEW Blog: July 13, 2006

Featured posts from the Search Engine Watch blog, as well as our customary search headlines from around the web. If you’re not familiar with our blog, click on any of the links below, or visit the blog’s home page at http://blog.searchenginewatch.com/.

  • Yahoo’s Livesearch Added To Firefox
    Yahoo launched Livesearch on AllTheWeb back in May. Danny has a detailed post about how it is similar to Lookahead and Google Suggest. Anyway, as we suggested on May 16th, Livesearch capabilities from Yahoo has been added to a new version of Firefox 2.0. You can download the new Firefox here and give it a try. Also you can read more at the Yahoo Search Blog, which has links to more methods of downloads….


  • Google Video Launches In UK & Other Countries
    Silicon reports that Google Video has launched a localized version in the UK at http://video.google.co.uk/. There are also localized versions in Canada, Deutschland, Espaqa, France, Italia, Nederland, and Polska. Google’s Joanna Shields, said in a statement: “By launching Google Video in these new markets we will enable more people in more countries to search for, upload and share video content in more languages.”…



  • Interactive Review of SEOMoz’s Page Strength Tool
    Rand posted information about a new tool he launched named the Page Strength Tool. It is pretty cool, and why can’t it replace PageRank? :) Anyway, here is my interactive review of the tool, you can find more details about what the tool exactly measures here….



  • Google Pages & Yahoo Geocities Phishing Attacks
    We learn from VNUnet.com that there are phishing scams on Google Pages and we also learn from Slashdot that Yahoo’s Geocities has a similar issue. A email goes out telling people they can win a “$500 cash prize, and that the money can be paid automatically if they click on the embedded web link.”…





  • MySpace More Popular Than Google Or Yahoo
    Bill Tancer over at his HitWise blog has data that claims MySpace Moves Into #1 Position for all Internet Sites. This is incredibly important, MySpace.com is more popular that Yahoo Mail, and MySpace’s growth of visits has surpassed Google towards the end of May of this year. But as Bill points out, what is most revealing is that the “top search terms driving traffic to all Internet sites” is MySpace and MySpace.com with 1.28%, compared with last years top search term being eBay at .31%. See all the details at HitWise….



  • ShopLocal Taps Topix for Geotargeted Ads
    This isn’t search, but it is local. ShopLocal has partnered with news aggregator Topix.net to offer dynamic banner ads that are targeted by ZIP. The program services national advertisers trying to drive consumers into their local stores. An example dynamic skyscraper ad is visible here. ShopLocal is providing the ad content and Topix provides the local news pages on which the ads appear.


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