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Live Reports from Search Engine Strategies – San Jose 2004
Search Engine Watch Forums

“This week many of the moderators will be at the Search Engine Strategies in San Jose. Some of us will be posting live coverage of the sessions we attend. This thread will be the central location for all announcements about new posts on SES San Jose live coverage.”

PPC Bounce Rate
High Rankings Forum

“For those who are unfamiliar with the term in this context, bounce rate is a measure of what visitors do upon entering a page on your website. i.e. do the leave immediately without clicking a further links (i.e. do they bounce) or do they stick around, buy or visit more pages.”

Google AdWords Myths
Webmaster World

“Think differently and make AdWords work for you.”

After SEMPO: Should We Start a Trade Association?
Cre8asite Forums

“Does there need to be a competing org? Once that org gets higher membership numbers (hardly difficult) they become the main player. How much support is there out there for Bill’s notion of a representative SEM [search engine marketing” organisation?”

Search Inventory vs. Conversion
Search Engine Watch Forums

“I, for one, don’t believe that all of a sudden, no one will be able to compete in the PPC market. We’re not going to run out of space one day and see people going ‘oops! Guess there’s no more spots to buy… oh well.’ I believe that as the market matures, the advertisers are going to be forced to mature with it. We won’t see companies running campaigns without taking the time to test them and track the results.”

Subject Line To Use On Link Exchange Request
Webmaster World

“I try to think of a non-link-request reason to contact the other Web site. Maybe I will find an interesting article on their site that I can comment on, or maybe I will suggest an idea for our Web sites to work together in the future, such as sharing a booth at an event, or cross-promoting each other’s local events.”

Terra Sells Lycos at Yard Sale Price
Cre8asite Forums

“…the only thing of any real value is probably the name itself, and $170 million for a domain name is just ridiculous.”

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Live Reports from Search Engine Strategies – San Jose 2004
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Search Headlines

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Pay-Per-Call Readies Itself for Launch, but Will Advertisers Follow?
Media Post Aug 6 2004 2:34PM GMT
Yahoo sued over abuse messages
BBC Aug 6 2004 12:52PM GMT
Google’s IPO delayed; more prep needed for investors
Star Tribune Aug 6 2004 11:58AM GMT
Yahoo takes on Microsoft in desktop search
Computer Weekly Aug 6 2004 10:39AM GMT
Benchmarking and Baselines in SEM
ClickZ Today Aug 6 2004 0:47AM GMT
How GoToMyPC Spiked Lead-Generation and Conversion Rates
ClickZ Today Aug 6 2004 0:44AM GMT
Google Flunks Governance
Internet News Aug 5 2004 11:06PM GMT
E-Publishers Like Anti-Spam Act… As Long As They’re Exempt
Online Journalism Review Aug 5 2004 10:56PM GMT
Add Yahoo News Search Results to Your My Yahoo Page
ResourceShelf Aug 5 2004 10:52PM GMT
Google faces intense competition, big and small
CNBC Aug 5 2004 9:02PM GMT
Yahoo Looking At Meta Tags
Search Engine Lowdown Aug 5 2004 8:22PM GMT
Search Individualized by Demographics
ClickZ Today Aug 5 2004 6:21PM GMT
Mirago Is First UK Search Engine To Clamp Down On Rogue Online Advertisers
Advertising-UK Aug 5 2004 5:52PM GMT
Museum culls TV ads from 52 years of the selling of the presidents
San Francisco Chronicle Aug 5 2004 4:56PM GMT

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