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The Official SES San Jose 2006 Conference Thread
Search Engine Watch Forums
“It’s that time of year – the long awaited Silicon Valley SES show! Post your plans for this years big bash.”

Would You Tell Just One Secret?
Search Engine Watch Forums
“Would you share just one little SEO secret you’ve discovered, about any search engine out there? I will…”

Google Strikes Advertising Deal With XM Satellite
Webmaster World
“Google Inc. on Wednesday said it struck a deal with XM Satellite Radio Holdings Inc. to help the search engine’s advertisers automatically place ads on XM’s non-music radio channels.”

AdSense Bad For Your Business
“It seems to me there is more money to be made by coming up with a business idea and making a site for that idea.”

Google AdSense: Improving Page Load Time
Webmaster World
“I have had a few users complain over the last year or two that the AdSense ads on pages of one of my sites in particular cause the page load times to be “quite dramatically” slowed. … What can be done about this?”

Matt Cutts’ Videos, Anybody watching?
Cre8asite Forums
“This is all probably old hat to SEO veterans, but definitely worth a watch if you’re not familiar with Google-ology.”

Ha! No Special Weight Given to .edu, .gov
V7N Forum
“I have been saying for a while now that the whole hoopla over .edu and .gov links was [bull”. Now Matt confirms it.”

Improving the Quality of Your AdWords Landing Pages?
Search Engine Watch Forums
“…I jumped headfirst into the new AdWords landing page algorithm, asked Google a ton of questions about the new changes and gave my top ten best practices for improving your landing page quality. What are other things are you doing for your landing pages to increase the the quality for AdWords?”

Yahoo! Launches A New Slurp Crawler
Webmaster World
“We launched a new Yahoo! Search Crawler, Yahoo! Slurp earlier this week. In addition to crawling the Internet faster, our new crawler is more efficient at visiting websites. As a result, site owners will notice as much as a 25% reduction in the number of requests and bandwidth consumed by the crawler.”

I’ve Got My Great Keyword Phrases, But…
High Rankings Forum
“Without the quotes, the query is called a find all search, and it asks the search engine to find all pages that match all the terms in the query without regard for proximity or order. The major search engines, to one degree or another, may try to order results so that pages with that word order show up first. But they can be influenced by anchor text which only focuses on one word.”

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