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Yahoo Mike Answers More Questions
Webmaster World

“Hello again from Yahoo Mike. This is just a first round of replies to several questions posted in the forum. I’m researching several others and hope to have more information posted either later today or tomorrow. With that said…”

Using Google Search As Your Website Search?
Cre8asite Forums

“I’m contemplating using Google search (limited to my site) on my web site. Does anyone have any opinions on this or perhaps some statistics or studies that illustrate if this is a good idea? What are the general guidelines for this sort of thing?”

Client’s Site Disappeared from Yahoo

“Just to confirm what was posted to this thread, there is an issue in our current handling of 301 redirects. 301 redirects are the correct technique to use. We are working to address the problem by the next index cycle (typically 2 to 4 weeks) and appreciate your patience while we resolve this.”

Man ‘Googles’ Himself, Sues for Libel
High Rankings Forum

“…think SearchKing and Google’s defence that their PageRank algo was an editorial method and came under freedom of speech legislation – and as such they could edit anything they liked. The plaintiff’s lawyers probably think that use of it in their algo also enables them to be sued for libel. I think this one might have some legs – it is quite an interesting argument.”

The Scoop on Multiple Google AdSense Ad Units
Webmaster World

“When the AdSense terms got changed, it set off some pretty intensive discussion over what this multiple ad unit thing meant, if publishers could start using it right away, and how publisher’s could control whether the multiple ad units shared any of the same ads.”

Client Wants Record of Old Lawsuit Moved Down in Rank
Webmaster World

“I am doing a complete overhaul for a client who wants to, of course, have his site ranked highly, but he also wants a report of an old lawsuit (that was thrown out of court) moved down into the 10-20 [result range” of Google. He knows he’s stuck with it, it’s the public record of the court. He just wants it on page 2 of Google instead of being the number one listing.”

See Your Web Rank on Yahoo Beta Tool Bar
High Rankings Forum

“I won’t be installing it. Heck, if I installed every toolbar every one makes, there’d be no more room to view a web page. I have Google TB and that is it. I don’t care much about PR [PageRank” (clients do) and I sure don’t want to waste any time getting obsessed over any more *ranks!”

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SearchDay Week in Review

New Look In July, New Search Engine Later, Says MSN
SearchDay, Mar. 25, 2004

MSN announced a redesign for its MSN Search service last week, a cosmetic change that better delineates paid placement listings. But the July release will not coincide with the launch of new underlying technology. And the future paid inclusion at MSN is undergoing active debate.

Ranking the Quality of Online News
SearchDay, Mar. 24, 2004

How good are the 4,500 news sources from around the world that Google News continuously crawls? Newsknife is an intriguing measurement tool that rates news sites for quality.

Affiliate Programs: Moneymakers or Brandbusters?
SearchDay, Mar. 23, 2004

Search engine affiliate programs offer the promise of greatly increasing your online exposure and sales, but be careful: They can also displace your firm in search engine results and dilute your brand image.

Yahoo News Upgrades To Take On Google News
SearchDay, Mar. 22, 2004

Yahoo released a new version of its news search engine late last week, a new move in what may be a modern-day version of the great newspaper wars.

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