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Yahoo Answers Site Match Questions

“The Yahoo Team is posting this Site Match information / overview to answer questions and clarify issues that have been raised on the message board.”

Yahoo Blocking Affiliate Sites
High Rankings Forum

“People who submit via PFI [pay for inclusion” are more likely to get a penalty than sites that are naturally crawled. PFI sites are all reviewed – free crawled sites are subject to random inspection, so are far more likely to get away with it.”

Are All Links Equal?
High Rankings Forum

“I agree that 1000 links from one site certainly do help, but I disagree that they would be counted exactly the same as 1000 links from completely different sites.”

Google Not Following Robots Tag
Webmaster World

“Google sees that someone else (or perhaps some of your other pages) are linking to these pages. So even though it won’t index these pages because of your restrictions, it still knows about them based on what it sees from links to them. Partially-indexed pages typically display exactly as you describe — URLs only.”

Keyword Question

“While it’s handy to look at your logs to get an idea of how people find you, it’s only a very tiny piece of the puzzle. Your target audience may be searching for [a phrase” but if you don’t rank anywhere for that phrase, they won’t be able to use it to find you, right? In other words, the phrases that send you traffic right now are ONLY going to show the phrases that you actually show up for. If you’re getting ready to launch a new SEO campaign, you’ll want to follow these steps…”

Nested Tables and Google
Best Practices Forums

“I’ve read elsewhere that too much table nesting can hurt you in Google–is this true?”

So What Does SEMPO Mean To You?
Cre8asite Forums

“I want SEMPO [Search Engine Marketing Professional Organization” to succeed. With those already associated with it, I truly believe it will. However, I too haven’t yet heard more than vague ideas of direction (possibly the focus problem of our diverse trade?), and am yet to be told exactly why it makes sense for me personally to give a largish sum of cash to a group that haven’t so much as asked me what I’d like from the group in return, as yet.”

Can Search Spiders Follow PPC Links?
High Rankings Forum

“This is why it may be wise to create landing pages specifically for your PPC [pay per click” ads and then closely monitor traffic. If you see referrers from search engines and you know that the page is not internally linked within your site structure, then you can be pretty sure that spider has caused you a per click charge.”

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SearchDay Week in Review

Outsourcing Search Engine Marketing
SearchDay, Mar. 11, 2004

Search engine marketing is crucial for the success of online businesses — but should you take on search marketing in-house, or outsource this challenging task to a contractor or agency?

Yahoo Enhances Local Search with Maps
SearchDay, Mar. 10, 2004

Yahoo’s new Smart View technology pinpoints the location of restaurants, banks, merchants and other businesses and attractions on local maps of cities throughout the United States and Canada.

Measuring Search Engine Success
SearchDay, Mar. 9, 2004

Whether you’re optimizing web pages for top rankings or purchasing paid placement links, it’s crucial to measure the performance of your efforts. A new generation of powerful search engine analytics software makes the job a snap.

Searching for Public Companies Around the World
SearchDay, Mar. 8, 2004

A new search engine focuses solely on investment-related information from more than 12,000 companies around the world.

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