SearchDay Week In Review

Search Engine Milestones for April 2003
The month in review: abstracts from selected press releases and announcements made during the prior month related to web search and search engine marketing.

Ten Tips to the Top of Google
Having a Web site that gets found in Google isn’t hard to do, but it can be difficult to know where to begin. Here are ten tips to get you started.

ComScore Launches Search Engine Tracking System
comScore Networks, known for its Media Metrix web traffic reports, has launched a new service to track and report on searchers’ actual unique queries across 25 major search engines and portals.

Is Google’s ASI Deal a Threat to Overture?
Google’s announcement last week that it was buying Applied Semantics (ASI) sent shockwaves through the financial community, causing internet analysts from Credit Suisse First Boston, Smith Barney and USB Piper Jaffray to lower their ratings on Overture.

Search Engine Forums Spotlight

Commercial search
The I-Search Discussion List
“I guess I don’t think that it’s inconsistent for a search engine to want to make money and to also have search results with integrity. As someone who used to work for a major search engine (perhaps I’m biased), I can tell you that they spent a lot of time thinking about the balance between revenue features and the user experience.”

How do you check to see if a referral site’s results are honest?
Webmaster World Forums
“One of my clients (his is a hotel site) subscribes to a referral site (a generic multiple hotel site). The number of referrals from this site is way beyond what experience tells me is correct, but I am darned if I can find the fiddle.”

Wondering about local optimization
ihelpyou Forums
“You could easily incorporate the location in your text as well. Something like, ‘We are a New York based Web design company serving clients in the New York metro area and beyond’. This is a great way to get qualified traffic.”

LookSmart – dead directory walking?
Webmaster World Forums
“Just because LookSmart isn’t what it used to be does not mean that it isn’t still a useful tool for some webmasters.”

H1 tag versus stylesheet H1
ihelpyou Forums
“The original point of the heading tag was to convey information about the *structure* of the document. That’s how it should be used today. Important section headings should use a heading tag.”

Brand New Directory
Webmaster World Forums
“I believe the world needs more directory structures that webmasters can submit their sites to. This is more of an idea to get conceptual designs and structures for one and see if wheels start turning.”

Search Engine Forums Spotlight courtesy Search Engine Guide.

Search Headlines

NOTE: Article links often change. In case of a bad link, use the publication’s search facility, which most have, and search for the headline.

U.S. may add to copyright confusion
ZDNet May 2 2003 12:58PM GMT
Are spam blacklists killing legitimate emails? May 2 2003 11:44AM GMT
Report: Web Traffic Rises With Consumer Confidence May 2 2003 5:24AM GMT
Search Engine Optimization for Pure Content Sites
High Rankings May 2 2003 4:02AM GMT
Is Yahoo making eyes at Overture?
CNET May 1 2003 9:15PM GMT
Microsoft unveils Business Portal
Personal Computer World May 1 2003 8:44PM GMT conman continues ludicrous legal fight
The Register May 1 2003 8:24PM GMT
Google hires former Wall Street analyst
CNET May 1 2003 5:47PM GMT
Ten years on, the web spans the globe
Scotsman Online May 1 2003 11:58AM GMT
Spam: Much Hated, Little Defined
Wired News May 1 2003 9:39AM GMT
Accessible Flash Part 1 – Optimise Your Flash Site For the Search Engines
WebmasterBase May 1 2003 6:02AM GMT
Appliance of Google’s science
Guardian Unlimited May 1 2003 1:15AM GMT
Trade Marks/Domain Names Beware of the Distinction
Scoop Apr 30 2003 11:31PM GMT
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