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*OFFICIAL* SES San Jose 2007 Party & Events Schedule
Search Engine Watch Forums
“I know the schedule is a lot lighter than normal and that is the reason for the delay of this post. I’m feeling that the search industry is changing and maturing and we are now seeing far less activity on the social scene.”

Google Clarifies Link Exchange Guideline
Webmaster World
“To state any link exchange is an example of a ‘link scheme’ in violation of G’s guidelines is overbearing in my opinion. It seems now that link exchange may be acceptable as long as it’s not ‘excessive.'”

Top 5 Aspects of SEO
Cre8asite Forums
“Personally, I think the most important item is to test. Test your theories as much as you can, and when you find something that reacts in a way you didn’t expect, think about what it is doing, watch it (read about it) and work out a way you might be able to test it.”

Not Going to SES San Jose and Need a Question Answered?
Search Engine Watch Forums
“Anyone not attending the conference but has a questioon they would like answered please post it here. I will make a list on Saturday and then get people at the show to answer them.” or
High Rankings Forum
“If you’ve read one of the seemingly millions of articles, forum posts, blog entries, etc out there by some supposed guru who says a keyworded domain in and of itself gives an advantage, and if you’ve bought into that concept, you and they would be wrong.”

Yahoo Running AdSense?
Search Engine Watch Forums

Hide And Speak: Develop Very Thick Skin
Small Business Ideas Forum
“One of the biggest concerns I’ve heard from businesses that are considering exploring social media and viral marketing is the fear of negative feedback.”

It’s Called Predictive Domaining
“If you choose wisely you know that in a few years what once wasn’t all that obvious will make you look like you were really smart.”

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