Yahoo, Microsoft Search Alliance Explained

The merger of Yahoo and Microsoft search is upon us and notification of the move is now being detailed through a PowerPoint presentation being sent to the advertisers. They have a timeline for the changeover and how each company will work together.

The PPC accounts will be transitioned over by June 30 in the U.S. and Canada, though “to promote a positive advertiser experience throughout the transition, (they) may adjust transition timing and dates as needed.”

The benefits of the combined efforts are detailed below.

They map three options — interestingly very adCenter specific, though understandable, given they’re taking over:

  1. Keep your adCenter account and augment — easiest with fewest steps.
  2. Create a new adCenter and import your third party structure — best for streamlining accounts with a large number of campaigns.
  3. Create a new adCenter account and import your Yahoo structure — recommended if you have no adCenter account.

The notification came in a helpful video walk-through, and the companies have created sites to explain things. Yahoo has the transition site, with an intro from CEO Carol Bartz. The search alliance has its own site as well.

If you have a Yahoo account you will have access to them to help. If you have a rep they will be your contact; if not the sites above will help and e-mail contacts are listed. No doubt the companies will be posting information on the various search forums. Would be a smart idea!

See you over at SEW forum Sarah and Pete.

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