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Inktomi, Google Win In Recent Relevancy Test
April 17, 2003
– In December, I called for search engines to get beyond the hype of who is biggest or freshest and develop a commonly-accepted means of measuring actual relevancy. Now, the first such third-part test like this in ages has been done.

Harvard Criticizes Google’s Adult Content Filter
April 16, 2003
– Google’s SafeSearch porn filter was found to exclude non-porn sites such as the American Library Association, in a recent test conducted by the Harvard Law School’s Berkman Center for Internet & Society.

Link Popularity and the Myth of the Guestbook Link
April 15, 2003
– Link popularity is crucial for your pages to rank well in search engines, but the value of guestbook links is questionable, at best, and potentially lethal, at worst.

Searching Images of Popular Culture
April 14, 2003
– Want a look at a Time Magazine cover from 1923? How about album covers for Blue Note records, or Chateau Mouton Rothschild Wine Labels? A searchable image database lets you view all of these, and more.

Search Engine Forums Spotlight

Premium ads officially over
Webmaster World Forums
“Apparently the first and second position of Premium becomes the first and second of AdWords, and the current first position of AdWords will be the third one of the new AdWords system.”

Writing a Boolean search query using Google
Free Pint
“How can I write a Boolean expression in Google that allows me to do the following…”

All I have learned from this forum…
Webmaster World Forums
“…all the posts read over the last few months has changed the way I look at websites.”

Cool feature on AlltheWeb – search spy
Webmaster World Forums
“I wish that they would have a function that you enter a search term and they spit out how many times it has been searched and from where.”

Does AdWords count unique clicks or any clicks?
Webmaster World Forums
“If one user searches on Google and clicks on my AdWord ad more than once within the same few minutes/hours, does each click count towards my daily CTR [click through rate” or will it only charge you for one click?”

Harvard report critical of Google adult filters
Webmaster World Forums
“If a choice has to made between pleasing Harvard Law School or a dad surfing with his 5 year old daughter, I would strongly recommend siding with dad!”

The underscore vs. hyphen debate for file names
ihelpyou Forums
“…Google doesn’t treat an underscore the same as it does a hyphen (or any various other delimiters) as a SPACE so that the keywords can be parsed.”

Search Engine Forums Spotlight courtesy Search Engine Guide.

Search Headlines

NOTE: Article links often change. In case of a bad link, use the publication’s search facility, which most have, and search for the headline.

Some Random Google Hacks Notes
Research Buzz Apr 18 2003 8:45AM GMT
Atlanta Real Estate Agent Learns How Easy it is to Get Google Rankings
High Rankings Apr 18 2003 4:02AM GMT
Distributed computers power new search engine
New Scientist Apr 17 2003 6:52PM GMT
FTC targets porn spam operation
CNET Apr 17 2003 6:36PM GMT
Google tactics invade city’s mayoral race Apr 17 2003 4:01PM GMT
Missing Backlinks in Google
High Rankings Apr 17 2003 1:30PM GMT
Yahoo Hiring Gateway Shoots for the Stars Apr 17 2003 10:44AM GMT
Koogle to Leave Yahoo Board; Semel Ascendant Apr 17 2003 10:44AM GMT
Building a Bigger Search Engine
Wired News Apr 17 2003 9:22AM GMT
Fooling Google
PC Magazine Apr 17 2003 8:50AM GMT
AllTheWeb Adds Dictionary Lookup Feature
BeSpacific Apr 17 2003 5:29AM GMT
Eluding the Web’s Snare
New York Times Apr 17 2003 3:30AM GMT
Dutch domain name arbitration procedure could be illegal Apr 16 2003 3:44PM GMT
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