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How much is SEO worth?
Digital Point Forums
“Based on my experience competing with high-volume search keywords, SEO takes a lot of time and effort. I was wondering what quality SEO work is worth to most companies looking to rank in the top positions.”

Press Release and SEO … Where to publish first?
Search Engine Watch Forums
“If you have a press release you want to put out with hopes that it will be mentioned on other news Web sites (not necessarily republished) … for SEO benefit, would you first put it on the company Web site to be crawled and only then submit to PRWeb or not?”

Ethical Question
High Rankings Forum
“I have a potential client who wants to bid on a name brand that they don’t currently sell. I don’t really feel right about this.”

Increases Vs Decreases – Is your adsense going up or down?
Webmaster World
“I personally have seen increases. Not dramatic, but increases nonetheless. I am now getting increasingly concerned by all the decreased earnings posts. I get a feeling of dread, like I am next.”

Is there a set way to ask for links?
Webmaster World
“Can anyone tell me the proper etiquette for asking for a link?”

Did You Know That Google Supposedly Doesn’t Crawl Nofollow’d Links?
High Rankings Forum
“It was (I thought) created so that people could mark links that they didn’t control, so that Google knew that they were not a ‘vote’ for the site being linked to. There was no mention of Google not actually crawling the link.”

What Are Some Keywords To Target When You Want To Try And Have That Person Buy Something?
Cre8asite Forums
“The more specific the keyphrase you target, the more likely you are to capture the searcher towards the end of the buying phase.”

25 Signals of Crap
Webmaster World
“A recent thread I read in the supporters forum that mentioned the ever-popular phrase ‘signals of quality’ got me thinking. Why don’t we try and compile a list of possible ‘signals of crap’?”

Is PR Over-hyped?
Digital Point Forums
PageRank is being talked about as if it is the only factor in search engine rankings. Is it over-hyped?

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