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The Internet Under Surveillance
SearchDay, July 10, 2003

One of the key architects of the Internet is calling for users to exercise ‘due diligence’ to assure that governments do not censor information for political purposes.

How to Build Your Own Search Engine
SearchDay, July 9, 2003

Want a detailed glimpse into the black boxes we call search engines? Mining the Web is a textbook that discusses everything from building your own crawler to the future of information finding on the web.

Power Searching with Vivisimo
SearchDay, July 8, 2003

Vivisimo is a capable meta search engine, serving results from multiple engines simultaneously. Dig a bit deeper and you’ll find some powerful, unique features not found elsewhere on the web.

Online Before the Internet
SearchDay, July 7, 2003

Most people think the word ‘online’ means the Internet. But there was an ‘online’ before the Internet, and some early pioneers have published a fascinating account of creating the world that was the principal ancestor of the web.

Search Engine Forums Spotlight

Indented results in Google
ihelpyou Forums
“Any idea why certain search results have two listings in Google – one that is indented and points to a specific page in the site?”

Moving pages to a new Website
ihelpyou Forums
“I want to move … pages to my new site but I’d like not to lose them in the SE’s [search engine” index, nor have visitors lose the ability to find them. How is the best way to go about it?”

Log file hiccups
ihelpyou Forums
“…looks like a good case of referrer spam to me. It’s been happening more frequently now that the software is openly available.”

Any suggestion on sales tracking system?
“I am looking for a sales/conversion tracking system (tool) to track the keywords and sales from PPC [pay per click” as well as from normal search result. Does anyone know a good software or site?”

Microsoft brains go head-to-head with Google
Webmaster World
“Google’s Achilles’ heel is that it is below MS [Microsoft” when it comes to the desktop food- chain. Same problem NS [Netscape” had.”

Fed up- SEO without usability
ihelpyou Forums
“These sites have obviously been optimized by someone who has a small clue about optimization, but NO ONE has done a thing about the marketing/usability issues that the site is facing. To me, that’s just not right.”

Search Engine Forums Spotlight courtesy Search Engine Guide.

Search Headlines

NOTE: Article links often change. In case of a bad link, use the publication’s search facility, which most have, and search for the headline.

MSN, eBay Ink Search Ad Pact Jul 11 2003 4:05AM GMT
Autonomy Buy Bolsters Technology, Customer Base Jul 11 2003 4:05AM GMT
Street Life: Yikes, Yahoo
Fortune Jul 11 2003 0:44AM GMT
Online database despite concern
The New Zealand Herald Jul 10 2003 11:38PM GMT
Autonomy buys video software rival
CNET Jul 10 2003 9:23PM GMT
Is Google’s cache cutting a cash flow?
ZDNet Jul 10 2003 2:13PM GMT
Saddam’s millions up for grabs as Iraqi Internet scam hits Asia
Jordan Times Jul 11 2003 4:30AM GMT
Yahoo news lets down investors
USA Today Jul 10 2003 6:16AM GMT
Yahoo Canada integrates ‘afffinities’ Jul 10 2003 5:27AM GMT
Yahoo Reports Higher Profits Jul 10 2003 5:19AM GMT
LookSmart Inks Search Deal with Lycos Jul 10 2003 4:06AM GMT
Yahoo’s Earnings Double as Revenue Sets a Record
New York Times Jul 10 2003 2:50AM GMT
Half-dozen anti-spam bills presented to Congress Jul 10 2003 1:22AM GMT
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