Highlights from the SEW Blog: March 3-7, 2008

We’ve collected all the search marketing news from selected posts to the Search Engine Watch blog in the past week, along with recent search-related headlines from around the Web.

From the SEW blog:

Organic Search

  • Google Serves Up Search Within Search Results
    Yesterday, Google announced that it is rolling out its new Search within a Site feature. When searching for specific sites instead of keywords, users are able to conduct a secondary search of those sites within Google results.
  • Ask.com Stands Behind Search
    The reports of Ask.com’s death have been exaggerated. Despite widely circulated reports to the contrary, Ask.com claims to be committed to search, and not just for middle-aged women in the Midwest.
  • Does Page Layout Affect SEO?
    Bill Slawski is reporting that Yahoo is joining the ranks of MSN and Google in an attempt to incorporate page layout into its web search algorithm.

Search Advertising

Linking Issues & Social Media

Analytics & ROI

  • Compete Acquired by TNS
    Today, London-based market research firm TNS announced its acquisition of web analytics and digital intelligence company, Compete Inc.

Local & Mobile Search

Vertical & Specialty Search

Small Business/Big Brand SEM

In-House & Outsourcing

SEM Industry Issues

  • Microsoft in Hot Pursuit of Google
    At the Mix08 Conference in Las Vegas, Microsoft loudly declared its intentions to increase its share of the search market.
  • SEW Experts: Has Google Already Won?
    With the imminent demise of Yahoo and Ask.com, Google seems to have cemented its near-total control of search. The monopolization of our industry is fast becoming a reality, and yet the users of search are oblivious.
  • EU Approval of Google’s DoubleClick Acquisition is Imminent
    The EU is reportedly planning to approve Google’s $3.1 billion acquisition of online advertising powerhouse DoubleClick.
  • SEW Experts: Has Yahoo Lost Its Yodel?
    It seems like only yesterday that Yahoo was the darling of the Web. Is Jerry Yang really ready to throw in the towel and partner with Microsoft?
  • Yahoo Fires Back
    Yahoo is taking its time setting a date for its annual meeting, since if there’s no annual meeting, there can be no vote by shareholders, bolstered by Microsoft, to replace Yahoo’s existing board with a more Microsoft-friendly one.
  • Yahoo Desperately Seeking Suitor: Time Warner
    With a Microsoft proxy battle expected soon, Time Warner’s emerging as a white knight for the Sunnyvale search engine. Or as a delaying tactic to put off the Yahoo annual shareholder meeting.
  • Ask.com to Cut 8%, Revamp Search Plans
    Ask.com will reportedly stop trying to compete directly with Google as a mainstream search engine, and will instead focus on targeting niches where it feels it can prosper, based on the way users are searching with Ask.com now.

Searching/Search Technologies

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