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SES 2006: Social Networks and SEM
WebProWorld Forum
“At the core of this discussion are two questions; (1) why do we (you and me as students of SEO) believe that social networking is of value and (2) if I built a social networking site (digg/stumble etc) why did I do that? What was my intent?”

Yahoo! Search Builder
Webmaster World
“Now, whether you have a blog or website about diving, gaming, crafting, or anything in between you can create a search engine tailored for your users.”

Google Picked As MySpace Partner
Webmaster World
“Google Inc. has been chosen by News Corp’s MySpace to provide search listings for the social-networking site in a four-year deal that will give Fox Web sites at least $900 million in payments…”

AOL Releases Search Data
Cre8asite Forums
“Being able to see actual queries, and query refinements, the way people search for information, and whether they add words to a query, delete words, make spelling corrections, and so on, is some valuable information in that it provides a way to see how people actually search the web.”

Google To Identify Malware Sites In Search Results
Webmaster World
“Google has started warning people when search results could potentially lead them to malicious code.”

Are Yahoo Directory Links Still Worth It?
High Rankings Forum
“If Yahoo’s Directory is not linking directly to my site, will I get any benefit in terms of PR [PageRank” or Trust?”

Does Googlebot Parse CSS?
Search Engine Watch Forums
“Discuss methods of using CSS effectively for search engine optimization.”

Google Sitemaps Problems? May Come from the Generator Used.
Webmaster World
“Many non-techie folk rely totally on ‘off the shelf’ sitemap generators. This may be where some Sitemaps problems lie. One I’ve used only included pages to level two; another often (but not always) omitted the last few lines of the map; and a third repeatedly claimed errors that simply did not exist. And all three of these programs are listed on Google’s website.”

Google “Sitemaps” Appropriately Renamed
Search Engine Watch Forums
“Google makes a shift towards helping webmasters more easily, with the renaming of Sitemaps and newly added tools.”

What do these characters mean to search engines?
Small Business Ideas Forum
“I have heard that _ (underscore) means continuity to the search engine so Digital_Cameras will be interpreted as DigitalCameras to the search engine. So what does ˜ (tidal) means to the Search Engine?”

Google Strikes Deals with Major News Publishers – Associated Press
Webmaster World
“Looks like Google is now paying for some of the content on Google News.”

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