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Link Building With Affiliate Programs — Does it Work?
Search Engine Watch Forums

“Does link building with affiliate programs work? If so, does anyone know of any affiliate tracking software that is particularly useful for link building campaigns?”

Yahoo Launches Personal Search
Webmaster World

“Personal Search – search for what you want, the way you want. Save the results you like. Block the ones you don’t. Share what you’ve found. Find anything you’ve saved.”

How Many Words In An Article?
High Rankings Forum

“I’ve written an article on backpacking it deals with tents, sleeping systems, cookers and food… I started with an intro page then separated tents etc. into separate pages. Each page had targeted ads, tent ads on tent page and was SEOed [search engine optimized” for tents. This increased click-through while reducing hits, people would only read the sections they’re interested in. While those who read beginning-to-end still had a consistent article.”

Google To Snap?
Search Engine Watch Forums

“Refining the query after the search by variable factors is an excellent idea, outside of the algorithm, to allow the user the ability to refine to their ideals, not an algorithms. This kind off takes the onus off the engine a little, by placing the refinement process with the user. Bit harder to manipulate each user than to manipulate an electronic means! Interesting stuff…”

Moving to a New Host – Any Issues With SEO?
Best Practices Forums

“We are about to change hosting companies for our website. What should we avoid and be careful of so as to not lose our standings in the search engines?”

Extending Your Search Marketing Campaign to Europe
Search Engine Watch Forums

“Search marketing is increasingly global, but a local focus is still vital to achieve your goals. What does it take to have a successful search marketing campaign in Europe?”

New Overture Features
Webmaster World

“There is now a daily budget feature under accounting. It lets you specify how much to budget per day…”

Raid of the Googlebots
Cre8asite Forums

“There is intense activity by new Googlebots to deeply and thoroughly crawl websites. I must admit that I have noticed much increased activity, and apparently these particular ones have not been seen before. There is much surmise that this indicates a recreation of the Google database.”

Content Is Not King Anymore?
High Rankings Forum

“The content is what will tell your users and the search engines what your page is all about, and it will be what entices them to take action at your site. So, yes, it will always be king. However, SEO is not ALL about content.”

Wired Story on Google News – Misguided?
Webmaster World

“…the article says that Google News cannot make money through ads because it does not own any of the content it displays.”

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myGoogle Search Aims To Refine Google Results
Search Engine Watch Blog Oct 8 2004 3:39AM GMT
All About the Database
Billings Gazette Oct 8 2004 3:13AM GMT
Google and Symfonic Launch Search Tools for SMS
Search Engine Watch Blog Oct 8 2004 2:03AM GMT
Yang tells Google founders to enjoy it
CNET Oct 8 2004 2:00AM GMT
Advanced Match Bidding on Overture
ClickZ Today Oct 8 2004 1:30AM GMT
Searching for answers gives an on-line edge
The Scotsman Oct 8 2004 0:42AM GMT
IceRocket Adds Blog Search to New Features
Search Engine Journal Oct 7 2004 11:12PM GMT
Yahoo Readies Ads for RSS
eWeek Oct 7 2004 10:03PM GMT
Google Sets Sights on Clustering, Translation
eWeek Oct 7 2004 9:08PM GMT
PageRank Update Taking Place
SEO Roundtable Oct 7 2004 4:47PM GMT
Thanks For Your Horrible Link Request
Search Engine Watch Blog Oct 7 2004 4:37PM GMT Expands Deal With Verizon
Media Post Oct 7 2004 12:18PM GMT
‘Ebay’ Wins Search Bid, Emerges As Retail’s Most Sought Term
Media Post Oct 7 2004 12:17PM GMT
RSS Feeds at
ResearchBuzz Oct 7 2004 3:48AM GMT
Search as a Platform, Where is it Going: a Web 2.0 Panel
Jeremy Zawodny’s Blog Oct 7 2004 0:39AM GMT
Google Print: Google’s Answer to Oct 6 2004 11:36PM GMT
SEO Case Study: Attorneys Chasing Vioxx Organic Search Ranking
WebProNews Oct 6 2004 10:35PM GMT
Livewire: Travel search sites look for bargains on Web
Yahoo Oct 6 2004 10:17PM GMT
Fast launches tool for managing site search, navigation and merchandising Oct 6 2004 8:48PM GMT
Google sets up shop in tech-oriented Ireland
AFP via Yahoo Oct 6 2004 5:57PM GMT
Snap Gets Into Search Game
ClickZ Today Oct 6 2004 4:49PM GMT
News Releases Optimized for Search Engines
WebProNews Oct 6 2004 3:22PM GMT
Page Layout Drives Web Search
Technology Review Oct 6 2004 1:39PM GMT
School net search throws up porn
BBC Oct 6 2004 11:23AM GMT
Google offers a few hints to Gmail direction Oct 6 2004 9:53AM GMT
Preserving history: Documents are drying up and disappearing
Salt Lake Tribune Oct 6 2004 5:59AM GMT

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