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Google IPO Official
Cre8asite Forums

“The two founders and their CEO are possibly indispensable parts of the company. Google relies upon these three, and their efforts as a team at Google are a major part of the success of the business. The letter tells us how they work together.”

Google IPO
High Rankings Forum

“Ten reasons why you should drop everything and go to your bank, withdraw all the money you’ve saved for Google stock, go home and stuff it under your mattress, and sit on it…”

Google Announces IPO
Webmaster World

“I’m no market expert, but I admire this much: They seem to be going about it their way, setting their terms, and saying that if you don’t want to go along, you won’t be taking part in the auction.”

Can Google Pick and Choose?
Best Practices Forum

“I thought any company can do what it wants to do as far as ‘ads’ go? Don’t CBS, NBC, and all the rest of them pick and choose their own ads and what they can be about? Why would Google be any different?”

Links from the Same IP?

“What I’m saying is that if you intend to build a bunch of sites and link them together and host them on the same server then you won’t benefit from that. The links might show in the backlinks, but you won’t be getting credit for them. They won’t help your rankings.”

Consolidating a Network Into One Megasite
Webmaster World

“If the network is doing well in other search engines, leave it alone. You have no guarantee that your new mega-site will do well in either Google or the other engines.”

Information Architecture for the Small Site
Webmaster World

“This post continues on from Part One, where we had separated our website content into several piles of index cards, and created no more than seven piles that were destined for the main menu. Now comes a second critical point in Information Architecture – choosing the labels for those piles.”

Flash Now Indexed by Google
Cre8asite Forums

“…before Google could follow the links around, now they can read the actual copy as well.”

Old School SEO vs. New School SEO
Webmaster World

“Has it been nailed down to a science?”

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ZDNet Apr 30 2004 11:54AM GMT
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