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Association of American University Presses’ Position On Google
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“What I dislike is the suggestion that somehow copyright is different for scholarly works, libraries or just print material. You don’t become a second class citizen just because you publish on the web. This is the second time I’ve heard someone in that community try to make out they are somehow different.”

Spidering Empty Cells?
High Rankings Forum

“…a search engine really doesn’t care whether it sees a space or nothing at all. It’s still nothing. However, if you leave empty table cells empty (assuming you’re using the table for layout purposes), rather than placing a non-breaking space in them, you may find that some browsers treat those cells in one way, and some browsers treat them differently.”

Is My Site Being Hijacked?
Virtual Promote Forums

“I just checked my weblogs and found a referrer with a url like this: My entire site is set up there. Is this a 302 hijack? I went to their actual site and it’s all in Chinese. What do I do?”

Need A “NoScript” Example Please
Virtual Promote Forums

“…is it as simple as saying ‘Noscript’ at the beginning of the Javascript, or is there a small piece of actual code to place in there?”

What Happened To Google Overnight!?
Search Engine Watch Forums

“You can’t base your livelihood on getting free listings in Google. It’s time to put together a real marketing plan if sales through your website are that important to your life.”

AdWords Text Ads With Tiny Logo
Small Business Ideas Forum

“Google is testing the addition of little logos with their AdWords program. Here is a screenshot of one from our sites. Take a look at the eBay logo next to the ‘Search Marketing’ text ad at the bottom…”

Google AdSense Page Hijacked
Search Engine Watch Forums

“Long-standing complaints that redirects could get listings hijacked in Google get perfectly illustrated when one of Google’s own sites gets hijacked.”

Measuring PPC Success
Cre8asite Forums

“Should SEM stop being so bottom line focused? I am sure there are revenue benefits of success being measured by other metrics, but would this be a positive step forward? Curious to see what other people think about the idea that ROI [return on investment” isn’t the best way to measure PPC [pay per click” traffic.”

Directories: Are They Just for SEO?
Search Engine Watch Forums

“How often are directories actually used to find information? Or are they only good for adding PR and providing results in search engines? So, how many people ever browse through a directory to find information on the internet, vs. always using a search engine?”

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Dow Jones via iWon May 27 2005 3:12AM GMT
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Google Print ‘Only’ Interface Now Live
Search Engine Watch May 26 2005 11:13PM GMT
Google CEO Eric Schmidt Talks Business Technology
Information Week May 26 2005 9:33PM GMT
The Head of the Tail
Traffick May 26 2005 5:25PM GMT
Local Search Brings Results Home
EContent May 26 2005 5:20PM GMT
Gates focused on Google
Wall Street Journal (via Portsmouth Herald) May 26 2005 5:10PM GMT
New Search Engine: CliqueSearch
ResearchBuzz May 26 2005 3:54PM GMT
Gmail Illegal in Germany?
Google Blogoscoped May 26 2005 3:46PM GMT
AskJeeves Keeps Trying
Information Week May 26 2005 2:43PM GMT
Google Regains Its Hijacked Listing; This Was A Big Deal, Folks!
Search Engine Watch May 26 2005 2:11PM GMT
New Search Marketing Journal to Launch
Search Engine Guide May 26 2005 2:03PM GMT
Official BitTorrent Search Opens
Slashdot May 26 2005 12:49PM GMT

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