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Google To Acquire YouTube for $1.65 Billion
Search Engine Watch Forums
“To keep Yahoo and MSN fingers off of it I suppose. Also capturing yet another web property to display AdWords? Google Video hasn’t really taken off anyway. Now they have a property that has become synonymous with user submitted videos.”

Yahoo PPC [Pay Per Click” Management Crash
Search Engine Watch Forums
“The reported outage at the Yahoo Search Marketing management center has caused an uproar among advertisers and has left Yahoo Account Reps without listing access as well.”

SEO [Search Engine Optimization” – What Skills Are Crucial?
Search Engine Watch Forums
“A classic conversation about what skills an SEO consultant should have in order to provide the best results.”

Filters exist – the Sandbox doesn’t. How to build Trust
Webmaster World
“An understanding of what these main filters are for, how Google applies them and the observed behavior of Google in releasing them would be a good way for owners to better manage and refine their organic search techniques.”

Do People Notice Organic Or Paid First?
High Rankings Forum
“When someone is doing a search on Google or Yahoo, let’s say, does anyone know if statistically they check out the organic listings before the paid ones? Or is it vice versa?”

Directory Lists that Rank Directories: Good Stuff or Fluff?
Webmaster World
“Is it time for the directoryranking dialogue to mature? IF it matures might that reshape where the entire ‘directory industry’ is heading?”

Hired An SEO Company & Now Feel Ripped Off
High Rankings Forum
“I tired calling them but nobody ever returned my calls (they are always in a meeting). I emailed and told them what their contract said and what they are getting me is trash and I wanted a refund.”

More News About Panama
Search Engine Watch Forums
“…a discussion over the new Yahoo Search Marketing platform, known as ‘Panama.'”

When Are SEO Firms Going To Offer Link Baiting Services?
Small Business Ideas Forum
“…since link baiting is among the favorite methods used by SEOs to promote their own sites, why isn’t it being offered by SEO firms as a service to clients?”

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