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Yahoo Says It will Switch to Inktomi First Quarter
Webmaster World

“Let the battle commence!”

Yahoo Changing… So Is $299 Annual Still Worth It?
Jim World

“We don’t know what the new Yahoo search (with Inktomi) will look like and how the Yahoo Directory listings will influence rankings in Yahoo search. So, if you can afford to be in the Yahoo Directory and your competitors are there, then you should be in there. If you’re on a budget then reconsider spending the $299…”

Is It Time To Get Out Of The SEO [Search Engine Optimization” business?
Cre8asite Forums

“The successful SEOs are those who go beyond this. They understand how to select and target the appropriate terms. They understand the value of good content. They know how to work to get good, lasting links. They recognize which search engines are rising and ensure they focus efforts on being included in them… The even more successful ones understand they need to transition from SEO, pure optimization of web pages, to SEM. They become search engine marketers and understand how to balance both paid and unpaid listings, getting the benefit of both worlds. The really successful ones will brand out into conversion analysis.”

Inktomi Ranking Algorithm Questions
Jim World

“Inktomi has 2 sets of spiders – a PFI [pay for inclusion” spider and a “natural” spider. The natural spider crawls via incoming links, the PFI spider crawls pages submitted. Provided your site is well linked to, it will get crawled fully and for free – but it takes time. PFI is instant gratification. The PFI spider only crawls the pages paid for, the natural spider crawls all pages found.”

Fahrner Image Replacement Technique, Can This Hurt Or Help SEO?
High Rankings Forum

“Because I had not heard of this technique before I wanted to ask around to see what others thought. From what I’ve read and understand, this technique shouldn’t hurt him nor help him. What do y’all think?”

Hidden Google Tools
Free Pint

“I know, I know… you’re already an expert Google searcher, and you’ve been using Google since you were in short pants (now, that’s an expression that dates me, isn’t it?). But I’m still going to toss out a few tools and resources that you might not have found already.”

Bad News at FindWhat
Jim World

“…the logic behind the technology is very sound. Jackhammer users that have enabled this system are reporting that their advertisers are definitely getting more traffic, mainly on searches that are misspelled, or with plurals/singulars that they wouldn’t have gotten through their normal bidding patterns. …That said, as in favor as I am of the system, by not allowing you out of it, FindWhat is making a pretty grave mistake…”

Recommended Australia Search Engine for Pay Per Click Advertising
Best Practices Forums

“…the Australian Market will get interesting in about 2 weeks time, when Overture Australia has its official launch…”

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SearchDay Week in Review

Local Search, With A Visual Twist
SearchDay, Jan. 15, 2004

Metrobot combines an excellent local search engine with a unique graphical interface that makes it easy to locate businesses in a dozen major U.S. cities.

Day of Reckoning in Search Engine Advertising
SearchDay, Jan. 14, 2004

Overture’s announcement that it plans to separate contextual advertising from regular search results has garnered kudos from the search engine marketing community. Will Google follow suit?

Google, Yahoo Add New Search Features
SearchDay, Jan. 13, 2004

Both Google and Yahoo have added new features designed to make it easier to find and track certain types of information that was previously difficult to find with a search engine.

Search Engine Marketing Resources From SEMPO
SearchDay, Jan. 12, 2004

The Search Engine Marketing Professional Organization’s web site offers a wealth of resources for both search marketers and information professionals alike.

Search Headlines

Yahoo plans China portal…
Canadian Press via Jan 16 2004 3:39AM GMT
Out-Googling Google…
PC Magazine Jan 16 2004 1:38AM GMT
Yahoo emerges from dot-com gloom to regain its luster…
San Francisco Chronicle Jan 15 2004 11:46PM GMT
Do You Yahoo or Google?…
Motley Fool Jan 15 2004 11:19PM GMT
Inktomi is back in the Mix…
About Web Search Jan 15 2004 10:10PM GMT
Espotting gains Emap, loses Kelkoo…
Netimperative Jan 15 2004 8:43PM GMT
Big Distribution Win for Espotting…
Internet News Jan 15 2004 8:42PM GMT
Search Fuels 178% Q4 Gain at Yahoo… Jan 15 2004 6:27PM GMT
A Little Update on the New Google Syntaxes…
Research Buzz Jan 15 2004 3:31PM GMT
The Search Wars have begun as Yahoo turns on Google… Jan 15 2004 9:21AM GMT
Playboy get appeals court OK to continue Internet search lawsuit against Netscape…
San Francisco Chronicle Jan 15 2004 3:25AM GMT
Yahoo’s fourth-quarter profit jumps 62 percent… Jan 15 2004 3:09AM GMT
Yahoo, Google primed for search war…
CNET Jan 15 2004 3:06AM GMT
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