Highlights from the SEW Blog: November 12-16, 2007

We’ve collected all the search marketing news from selected posts to the Search Engine Watch blog in the past week, along with recent search-related headlines from around the Web.

From the SEW blog:

Organic Search

  • The 10 Most Common SEO Mistakes
    There are surely hundreds of different ways that people can mess up their sites. Based on our experience from working with scores of clients, here are the most common problems that we find.
  • SEW Experts: Keywords First – New Web Site Second
    Where do you start once you have an idea for a new online venture? If your goal is to build it and they will come, then you need to start with keyword research.

Search Advertising

Linking Issues & Social Media

Analytics & ROI

Local & Mobile Search

Vertical & Specialty Search

Small Business/Big Brand SEM

In-House & Outsourcing

SEM Industry Issues

Searching/Search Technologies

  • Only Searchable At Your Library
    While I’m a big fan of libraries and even remote access for patrons, it’s troubling that the public-at-large cannot access these holdings — or quickly discover them through commonly used search engines.
  • AOL Acquires Q&A Platform Yedda
    AOL follows last week’s Quigo acquisition with the news that it has acquired Yedda, an Israel-based Q&A platform similar to Yahoo Answers.
  • Interview with Microsoft’s Ramez Naam
    Eric Enge has an interesting discussion with Naam, focused on some of the key issues that impact core search algorithms.

More from the SEW Blog

  • Vanessa Fox is on the Move
    Vanessa Fox, formerly the driving force (and friendly face) behind Google Webmaster Central, is on the move again.

Search Headlines

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