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What Is Social Search?
Search Engine Watch Forums
“Social search was a hot topic at SES San Jose. Everyone sees promise, but no one knows exactly what social search is or how it will play out.”

Do Washington Post Blogroll Links Pass Link Pop?
Search Engine Watch Forums
“Guess who’s selling links now? The Washington Post! But does buying your way onto the blog roll there help with search rankings?”

Outsource Link Building?
Search Engine Watch Forums
“We have lately been thinking about outsourcing the more basic parts of our link building (submitting to directories, link exchange, finding free links, etc) and wanted to know if someone has some comments and experience in this area.”

Keeping Track of Links
V7N Forum
“A big part of SEO is link building. How do you keep track of all the links? How do you make sure that you aren’t submitting the same domain to the same web directories? Is there a Firefox toolbar that can help with this.”

Virtual Servers and Subdomains for SEO
Search Engine Watch Forums
“Wildcard subdomains are allowed by some hosts but not others, but there’s been so much abuse with them in the past that they’re best avoided for a legitimate site with long term goals.”

Advertising With Ask
Search Engine Watch Forums
“Has anyone else tried advertising on Ask? What was your experience?”

How Much to Charge for PPC Work?
WebProWorld Forum
“I see some industry standards exist around 15%-20% mark up from the monthly budget. How much do you charge? Also if the monthly budget is much smaller say around 1-2K month do you have a bare minimum that you charge regardless of the % basis used above?”

Google Opens Doors To Writely (BETA)
Webmaster World
“Five months after being bought by Google, the Writely online word-processing application is now open for anyone who wants to sign up and use it.”

AdSense: Double Your Pages, Double Your Money? Probably Not
Webmaster World
“I was enjoying the latest thread about calculating how much AdSense money could be made when it occurred to me this is pretty much a FPF (Frequently Posted Fallacy), much like the recurring Search for High-Paying Keywords. Since I took a whack at the other one, thought I would take a whack at this one too.”

Does Google Penalize All SEO Now? Not Just Dodgy Tricks?
Webmaster World
“It’s not whether what you’re doing is a trick or not but if it coincides with what you find on spam sites. It’s called profiling and is effective…”

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