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SES Chicago 2005: “Triple Play Blog Coverage”
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“There will be some typos and a few possible misquotings, but generally you should get a good feel for the sessions we will cover, within about 15-20 minutes after the session is completed.”

Getting Local by Zip Code Dot Com
Webmaster World

“Delivers local search results by zip code. Brilliant execution of a domain strategy in my book. I’m guessing they’ll be able to spin this off as a separate entity and then execute their exit plan, making a few bucks. … is an example for the numerically challenged.”

Dirty Tricks Against Competitors
High Rankings Forum

“Time spent making your site better lasts, but trying to do ill is just as hard, not as likely to directly improve your results (so a competitor drops, you won’t be the only one to benefit), requires a doubling of efforts by forcing you to research both SEO [search engine optimization” advancement and SEO destruction, has short term and long term uncertainty and has negative PR (public relations) consequences.”

Yahoo Answers
Webmaster World

“Yahoo Inc. unveiled a service Wednesday that allows users to get their questions answered online for free by volunteers. The feature, called Yahoo Answers, gives a human touch to what has typically been the exclusive role of the Web portal’s search engine.”

Trademark Protection Problems
Search Engine Watch Forums

“What I would really like to know is has anyone managed to get Google to protect a variation on their trademark? In the example I gave, the airline have somehow managed to protect a variation on their name where the words have been reversed. This variation has not been trademarked, according to the Patent Office website. Why can they do it, but we can’t?”

Search Gaining On Email As Top Internet Activity
High Rankings Forum

“From June 2004 to September 2005 the use of search engines on a typical day rose from 30% to 41% of the internet-using population, which itself has grown in the past year.”

How Long Does It Takes For ‘Advertise On This Site’ To Be Off
Webmaster World

“…the ‘advertise on this site’ thing started appearing on Tuesday and revenue dropped by $200. I immediately opted out and today is back up again. If you use blended ads, its like a 100% increase in the ‘ads by gooooooooogle’ nonsense and just ruins your attempt at blending.”

My Alexa Rankings
High Rankings Forum

“On the Alexa site, it states that Alexa is powered by Google. If that’s so then doesn’t Google consider some data from Alexa when making it’s judgement?”

AOL to Drop Google and Sign with MSN
Webmaster World

“According to a Wall Street Journal Article, AOL will announce a new pact with MSN to replace Google Search and Advertising solutions with with MSN Search and Advertising solutions on AOL RSN (real soon now).”

Managing Adblocking Users 2
Webmaster World

“What you are blocking is the method, not the user agent, so it blocks most adblockers.”

I Just Lost A Contract To Google
High Rankings Forum

“The best I might obtain from the prospect that I spoke to today is an evaluation of their campaign once it has been running for a while. I agreed that the price is right but I wasn’t sure if Google would identify all the possible keywords plus negatives and write a variety of ads. For sure Google will not tweak the ads and keywords once the campaign is running and this is the important part.”

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NOTE: Article links often change. In case of a bad link, use the publication’s search facility, which most have, and search for the headline. enhances map features
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The online credibility gap: False claim on JFK murder shows vulnerability of Wikipedia
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Reports from Search Engine Strategies Chicago: Day Three
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NPR Dec 7 2005 8:45PM GMT
Squidoo Opens Public Beta
Micro Persuasion Dec 7 2005 8:42PM GMT

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