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SEW Expert - Tim Ash Tim

Applying Probability to Landing Page Optimization
In the context of LPO, probability can be viewed as simply taking the best guess given the available information. The more information you have, the more accurate your guess will become.
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SEW Expert - Mark Jackson Mark

Top Signs Your Site Isn’t Ready for Prime Time
Many things have changed in the last few years, but the real foundation for SEO success hasn’t changed much at all. Before you put time and effort into the SEO flavor of the day, try the tried and true SEO basics in this two-part series.
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SEW Expert - Carrie Hill Carrie

Taking the Fear Out of Web Analytics for Your Small Business
Do you have Web analytics installed on your small business Web site? If not, you should. How will you know how your Web site is performing if you aren’t measuring the right data?
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Your Data or Your Money: Is a Proposed Opt-In Privacy Bill Really Good for Consumers?
Posted by Nathania Johnson Jun 25, 2009

Congress is preparing an opt-in privacy bill for online advertisers, according to Peter Kafka. The effort is led by Rep. Rick Boucher of Virginia. This means publishers couldn’t serve up behavioral ads unless getting permission first from the consumer. Right now, most consumers can opt-out, though most probably don’t give …
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YouTube Gets a Slew of Updates Including Wonder Wheel, Improved Advanced Search
Posted by Nathania Johnson Jun 25, 2009

YouTube recently released a bunch of updates across the popular online video sharing site. Here they are: Wonder Wheel – You may remember that Google added Wonder Wheel to search back in March. Now, for certain searches on YouTube, check the right hand side for the Wonder Wheel link. Here’s what …
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FTC Becoming Online Big Brother, Bloggers To Feel Wrath
Posted by Frank Watson Jun 25, 2009

Seems the Federal Trade Commission wants to become the regulator of the web. They have weighed in on behavioral targeting and is ready to set up rules. Now they are ready to start setting rules for bloggers – particularly payola blogs that get paid for reviews or recommendations of products. The …
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Social Media Show Big Search Jumps, Google Drops For May
Posted by Frank Watson Jun 25, 2009

The comScore’s monthly numbers show a drop in growth for Google, Yahoo and MSN, yet an increase for social sites Facebook and Craigslist over last month was noted. Google’s numbers fell to 65% of search share – a 2% drop from last month – while Craigslist gained 12 percent. comScore Expanded …
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Twitter’s Monetization Plans, Plus Stream Sorting in the Works
Posted by Nathania Johnson Jun 25, 2009

It’s one of social media’s favorite topics: How will Twitter make money? This week brings news of two possibilities that many have speculated: Shopping and Corporate Verified Accounts. Twitter is already like the mall, or at least an airport concourse with companies such as Starbucks, Dell, Dunkin’ Donuts, Jet Blue and …
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Search Engine Watch Forum Discussions

Geo-Targetting in Yahoo Jun 23, 2009
I have been running the two campaigns, once targetted to california and another to florida. The problem i am facing is, if i get the good conversioins from california, then i get very less conversions come from Florida and VIce Versa. why so? Can anybody answer me
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Yahoo! Launches “My Display Ads” Jun 22, 2009
Hey Everybody, Just wanted to share some exciting news with you. Today Yahoo! launched My Display Ads, a pilot program that puts display advertising within reach of advertisers who were previously limited to search marketing. Advertisers can upload existing ads, or build their own from more than 700 templates. And, unlike …
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Google announcement – Improved flash search and indexing Jun 22, 2009
Hey Guys Google has just released a couple of days back that now their crawlers are much of capable to crawl adobe flash files with its embedded content from external files. So now you may go ahead with swf files on your websites and get it crawled & indexed completely by Google …
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