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Testing Different Copy Without Spamming
High Rankings Forum

“I am curious about the best way to run a split test of two headlines (etc) online, with all the rest of the body copy the same ….. search engines don’t like duplicated content, so is there a legit way to accomplish this and get the info without having it become a [search engine” spamming issue?”

Next Steps for Search Engine Optimization?

“After following SEO [search engine optimization” guidelines for over a year now I have got to the stage where I am at a loss as to how to optimise further for my main keyword.”

Accurately Counting Back Links
Best Practices Forums

“The engines know that the only people concerned with this incoming link stuff are webmasters and site owners. ‘We’ are not their customers in the regular search results, so understandably, they would like to keep us guessing as to what links count and how much they count, and what weight is giving to what links, etc.”

Is Text Better Than Images In The Header?
High Rankings Forum

“…if you like the graphics, use them! If you can lose them and replace with text, it’s a good idea. Definitely use alt attributes… I recently was on a slow dial-up connection and turned off images in order to speed things up and many sites were not navigable because their links were graphics with no alts.”

Browser Detection
High Rankings Forum

“…with older browsers some times the CSSs don’t work properly – as a solution I was thinking of using a browser detection to redirect them to a simpler page. I considered that the SEs [search engines” might not like the page duplications but thought that I would handle that with a robot.txt file. Would that work?”

Nosnippets and Description Meta Tags
Best Practices Forums

“Would Google … show my description tag instead if I use a ‘nosnippet’ meta tag to prevent Google from showing snippets of my pages? If not, then is there a way for me to make sure that Google … shows my description meta tag instead of snippets of my pages’ content?”

Can I Do SEO for Limited Edition Products That Last Only One Month?
High Rankings Forum

“SiteMatch PFI [pay for inclusion” is good for these kind of product pages, it guarantees you fresh crawls every 48 hours. Or go for Google Adwords…”

Black Hat Techniques
Cre8asite Forums

“Black Hat SEO techniques work fantastically … right up until one of your competitors notice and report you. That is far more likely and happens far more often than the SE filters detecting it for themselves.”

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SearchDay Week in Review

Mastering Search Engine Advertising
SearchDay, Apr. 22, 2004

Buying your way to the top of search results may seem easy, but managing an effective search engine advertising campaign requires a thoughtful approach with more than a little elbow grease.

Blending the Best of Google and Amazon
SearchDay, Apr. 21, 2004

With little fanfare, subsidiary A9 launched its long-rumored Google powered search engine last week. But A9 goes beyond Google, offering a number of unique options, including some very cool personalization features.

Managing Search Marketing Campaigns
SearchDay, Apr. 20, 2004

While search engine paid placement campaigns can be immensely profitable, effective bid management can be time-consuming and can quickly become a drawn out game of chess, or tug of war, depending on your rules of engagement.

Search Engine Users: Loyal or Blase?
SearchDay, Apr. 19, 2004

Searchers are loyal to their favorite search engine, and stubbornly stick with it even if they don’t initially find what they’re looking for, according to a new survey of web users.

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