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SEW Expert - Sage Lewis Sage

Bribing People To Send You Emails With $50 Gift Cards
Whenever you’re doing a promotion of any kind, the key to success is to measure it. Set out goals, costs, and end results.
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SEW Expert - Kevin Ryan Kevin

Tibet’s Revenge
There’s quite a bit of controversy over things like censoring search results. Judging by the majority of the responses I received on last week’s column, most of you got the humor in it. For those who didn’t, or only read the headline and first three sentences, please continue on to the punch line at the end.
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SEW Expert - Eric Enge Eric

Training Your Content Developers on SEO Copywriting
SEO copywriting can be a misleading term. Too often, writers will get stuck on the SEO part and lose sight of the other, more important goal: creating a good user experience.
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SEW Expert - Mark Jackson Mark

Should Your SEO Strategy Target the Head or the Long Tail?
If you’re focused on ranking for that one major keyword, having a deep Web site full of great content is necessary to achieve authority in the eyes of the search engine. So, whether or not you intended to do it, you’ll be optimizing for the long tail in order to achieve your goals.
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News from the Search Engine Watch Blog

Google Lets Go 100 Recruiters, Reorganizes Engineering Team
Posted by Nathania Johnson Jan 15, 2009

Google has reduced their recruiting efforts and, as such, layoffs have come to their recruiting team. About 100 contract recruiters will be getting the pink slips. Meanwhile, the engineering team is also being affected, albeit in a different way. Engineers in Austin, Texas; Trondheim, Norway; and Lulea, Sweden are required …
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Nielsen Online December 2008 Search Engine Share Rankings
Posted by Nathania Johnson Jan 15, 2009

Nielsen Online has released its search engine share rankings for December 2008. Google had a big year-over-year gain with Yahoo, AOL and Ask seeing modest increases as well. Live Search didn’t fare so well: Related Reading: Online Video Wins the 9-5 Hour, Weekdays Microsoft, Yahoo Take Major Hits in Nielsen Online Search Share …
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Yahoo Adds Wikipedia SearchMonkey App as Default
Posted by Nathania Johnson Jan 15, 2009

Beginning today, searchers on Yahoo! will find Wikipedia results displayed in their new SearchMonkey app form. If you remember, Yahoo! launched SearchMonkey last year to allow customization of search results. Yahoo! has already set Yelp, LinkedIn, and Yahoo! Local SearchMonkey apps as default, as well as Citysearch and Zagat. Users can …
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The Curious Case of Music Disappearing from YouTube Videos
Posted by Nathania Johnson Jan 15, 2009

Lately, many have noticed that copyrighted music has mysteriously been removed from user-submitted videos on YouTube. Now, YouTube is addressing the occurrences with a simple explanation. Previously, when a video was faced with copyright issues, users could dispute the claim or select from a library of approved tunes. Now, users have …
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Obama Aide: Broadband Portion of Stimulus Package for Timely Needs, Not Overall Goals
Posted by Nathania Johnson Jan 15, 2009

An aide of President-elect Barack Obama is clarifying what can be expected from the broadband portion of the stimulus bill currently being constructed in Congress, according to Reuters. Blair Levin, a former FCC employee under Clinton, is insisting that the bill will address timely broadband needs that can create jobs, …
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Google Website Optimizer Announces Website Workout Winners (Plus, Visualize Testing!)
Posted by Nathania Johnson Jan 15, 2009

Last June, Google Website Optimizer launched the Website Workout contest, where companies could submit their websites for analysis. Four winners were chosen and they are: Colonial CandleExtra Space StorageOutrigger Hotels & ResortsTeam In Training Google posted a video of Colonial Candle’s experience in website testing and landing page optimization, which helped boost …
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Search Engine Watch Forum Discussions

Keyword Selecton for region Jan 15, 2009
Hello there, I need some help regarding keyword selection for a client. Say I have a client who gives mortgage advice which only covers a certain area. However, if I look for keyword with say mortgage advice yorkshire this has relatively low search volume but if I leave it as mortgage advice this …
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Cost of broad match Jan 15, 2009
So I have some broad match key words just to try it out. It is obviously producing some hits which are unfortunate combinations of the broad match keywords. I can see them in analytics and now wonder if I can find out how much I paid per click for one of …
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campaign management question Jan 14, 2009
My brain is turning to mush so maybe the forum can help me. I’m running the same exact ad “Buy Widgets” set up in 3 different ad groups. I only have one keyword – widgets – in each Ad Group. Ad Group #1 is exact match [widgets”. Ad Group #2 …
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