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SES Toronto Live
Search Engine Watch Forums

“The Premier Event for Search Engine Marketing & Optimization Returns to Toronto May 4-5, 2005. Moderator Barry Schwartz has a LIVE coverage for most sessions.”

Google Windows Web Accelerator
Webmaster World

” Why would Google put this out? How does this help their business? Are they just using this to track browsing habits?”

Where To Get Links?
High Rankings Forum

“I run an inkjet cartridge website, and have had it up for around 6 months, but it has been unsuccessful because of a lack of customers. …Unfortunately, I can’t seem to think of types of sites that could link to me.”

Methods and Technologies Discussed at SEM (Boston)
Search Engine Watch Forums

“…highlights from the 11th Search Engine Meeting that took place in Boston, USA, April 24-25, 2006. This is where commercial search engine developers, academics and corporate professionals learn from each other.”

SEO Browser – Lynx on Steroids
High Rankings Forum

“This will actually help me a lot in what I’ve got to explain to a group of execs next week. Showing exactly what the spiders sees is the best thing I can do.”

AskJeeves Will Drop Ads by 31%
Cre8asite Forums

“On one hand you have those who sit in the R&D department, knocking out creative solutions to better answer your questions. These guys understand the power of their search technology (Teoma) and [in my opinion” are as frustrated as you are (probably more) that these Google Ads come up above the pure organic results.”

Factors Affecting Link Pricing
Cre8asite Forums

“I was hoping to solicit advice from people on what factors you feel are important when considering renting or buying a link from a website. …I’m hoping to develop a tool that can automatically measure as much of this as possible and return a range of pricing that would be fair.”

Yahoo To Test Banner Ads
Webmaster World

“A Yahoo Inc. spokeswoman confirmed this week that the company’s search-marketing division, formerly known as Overture Services, plans to start testing graphical banner ads displayed based on their relevancy to a Web page’s content in the next few weeks.”

SEO & The Zen Factor
High Rankings Forum

“Well in my case the time I would spend analyzing those specific factors (to a degree) is time lost because I do better when I don’t dwell on certain factors. I’m not saying it’s a good idea to not research, to not have a base of knowledge regarding the search engines, or to not stay current with the trends, but there comes a point when you just know what to do (enough to get top placement at least) and anything else is counter productive for me.”

Sick Of SEO Spammers!
High Rankings Forum

“It’s more than just a black hat/white hat sort of thing. This industry has players that even give the black hats a bad name: People who are completely incompetent at any SEO [search engine optimization” technique, white or black hat, whose principal objective is to trick the clients out of as much money as possible. They don’t even bother trying to trick the search engines.”

Where Does the Description Come From?
Search Engine Watch Forums

“As we all know, along with the title, the description that a search engine uses for your site in a SERP [search engine results page” can have a significant impact on whether or not someone chooses to click on your link. Apparently, the rules have changed recently.”

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Yahoo developing an audio search engine
CNET May 5 2005 10:13PM GMT
Should You Trust The Source?
Forbes May 5 2005 4:23PM GMT
Metadata–Think outside the docs!
EContent May 5 2005 4:20PM GMT
Google Plan To Refine News Search Finds Early Critics
E-Commerce Times May 5 2005 4:18PM GMT
Google’s ‘Golden Triangle’
Internet News May 5 2005 4:01PM GMT
InterVideo Inks Partnership With Googl
Dow Jones May 5 2005 3:58PM GMT
Review: New Opera browser short on basics
ONE News May 5 2005 3:55PM GMT
Google tool to speed Web surfing
CNET May 5 2005 3:53PM GMT
A Yahoo Traffic / Google Maps Mashup
ResearchBuzz May 5 2005 3:34PM GMT
New Database Offers Info About Hispanic Market in the U.S
ResourceShelf May 5 2005 3:33PM GMT
Reports from the Search Engine Strategies Toronto Conference
Search Engine Watch Forums May 5 2005 3:31PM GMT
Google censoring conservative ads?
WorldNetDaily May 5 2005 3:29PM GMT
Time Warner sells Google stake
CNET May 5 2005 3:27PM GMT
New Content Comes to Yahoo Video Search
Search Engine Watch May 5 2005 3:26PM GMT
Thomson unfazed by Internet search engines
Globe and Mail May 5 2005 10:54AM GMT

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