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End Of Results Penalty?
High Rankings Forum
“Anybody here ever hear of the end of results penalty? What will happen is you are usually high ranked for a search phrase then all of a sudden there you are over night at the end of results for that search phrase.”

h5 tags vs. strong tags
Search Engine Watch Forums
“Should I use ‘strong’ tags for content in my page that I want to be bold, but reserve ‘h5’ tags for content in my page that I want to bold AS WELL as gain recognition by the spiders for being more important than the regular text and ‘strong’ text?”

Quality Score’s Affect On CPC
Search Engine Watch Forums
“How exactly does the Google quality score determine the CPC I pay? Could anyone give an example?”

When Marketing Is Unwanted
Cre8asite Forums
“I’m not the type of person who brings hell to someone’s door. I’m sure the University can tolerate the Digg comment abuse, but why should they have to?”

Yahoo Panama PPC Launching Early in U.S.
Webmaster World
“Has this been a smooth transition for everyone? ”

TrustRank, Fact or Fiction?
“I’ve read up on TR in a few places, and have seen some arguments that make sense, but I still don’t know…..I know it exists, but has it been implemented?”

Wikipedia Adds Nofollow To Outbound Links
Cre8asite Forums
“Wikipedia has added nofollow on their outbound links just a few hours ago, after a surge of new spam due to another SEO contest”

Google Admits to User Data Disclosure
Webmaster World
“Google has confirmed that it unwittingly disclosed sensitive login and password information pertaining to more than a dozen users.”

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