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Who Will Be The First Classifieds Search Engine?
Search Engine Watch Forums

“From real estate to just about anything that sells on eBay, this category is HOT and I’m sure the search engines could grow their revenues big time if they take a chunk at this segment. Wouldn’t it be relatively easy (with their current infrastructures) for the search engines to develop a Classifieds Search Engine so that the many hidden listings currently nonSEOed surfaces from the invisible web?”

Google Base, Classified Ads?
Webmaster World

“Is Google trying to be everywhere on the Internet? Rumors surface on the big G and their plans to take on ebay with their own site for buyers and sellers.”

Google Bowling
Small Business Ideas Forum

“A small loophole on Google has turned into a devastating black hole, sucking in and wiping out countless quality websites in the process. And it just may be their competitors sending them into the abyss.”

Is “Jagger” A Major Google Marketing Error?

“Heartless? Google is not a character in a Dickens novel, and pity Bob Cratchit if he bet Tiny Tim’s future solely on the free organic returns that can be had in Google. Google is a business, with clear responsibilities to only one group, it’s shareholders.”

Does the Sandbox Effect Hurt Relevancy?
Search Engine Watch Forums

“If the search engines are all saying that their main goal is to return relevant results for search queries, how can Google’s alleged age delaying sandbox be considered helpful when the application of the filter may be keeping searchers from important information when that information is contained within a new site?”

Fragment Large Website Into Subdomains?
Virtual Promote Forums

“To me it sounds crazy what your company is doing, far better to create solid branding with just the domain, or to build real pages if they have something special they need to say.”

Google Places “Dummy Bidders” In Regional Search Artificially Raise Required Bids
Search Engine Watch Forums

“As an advertiser, why should I be excluded from advertising to users from a country, simply because my website doesn’t happen to be from that country?”

What’s Next for the Google Advertising Professionals Program?
Webmaster World

“So, what do you have to say about the Google Advertising Professional program, present and future? How could it be made easier and more effective to use? How could it be made more valuable to you and your clients – both current and prospective? What should be added? What should be done away with?”

Tracking Your AdSense Statistics
Webmaster World

“Given how little we get to know from Adsense, what are the statistics you are looking at?”

No Clicks On 100 Keywords
Virtual Promote Forums

“To give you another example, if I’m searching for an engagement ring and see an ad for bracelets or necklaces I probably won’t click on it. If I see an ad for jewelry I MIGHT click on it. If I see an ad for Engagement Rings – bingo – that is the one I choose.”

New Keyword Popularity Tool Debuts in Adwords Accounts
Search Engine Watch Forums

“Is it finally here? The keyword frequency tool everyone’s been waiting for from Google is out – sort of. Check out the new features of the Google Adwords Keyword Tool in your account and discuss it here.”

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What Happened In Search Marketing in 2005?
Search Engine Round Table Oct 26 2005 10:33PM GMT
Gates Promises Tough Battle With Google
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One poorly converting site can ‘smart price’ an entire AdSense account
JenSense Oct 26 2005 10:31PM GMT

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