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Yahoo Testing Contextual Search Tool
Search Engine Watch Forums

“Since Google recently made it past the 10 word query mark with a new limit of 32, I think Yahoo still has them beat with this. Not only can you seemingly paste as much text as you like into the query box and get very excellent results, but you can also deselect terms that you find not relevant to your topic with a simple click.”

Major Google Changes: Latent Semantic Analysis?
Search Engine Watch Forums

“I’ll warn you now – if you’re not varying your anchor text, and you’re not writing pages synonymous with your term that don’t contain the term you’re targeting, you’re going to be in a world of hurt within the next 90 days.”

MSN Launches Search Engine
Cre8asite Forums

“If MSN keeps this up, Google will lose me as my preferred engine.”

Search Engine Algorithms – Things I’ve Noticed Recently
High Rankings Forum

“Do you suppose that you get Google brownie points for having a frequently updated website, where there’s a frequent and significant change in content (but the content still stays relevant)?”

Turning AdWords On/Off
Virtual Promote Forums

“There is a client that wants to have all of their ads shut off at 8pm and re-start at 7am every day. They also want it off during another hour in the middle of the day. I know Google does not have an automatic on/off to do this, but is there software that will accomplish this…?”

Adsense Performance
Webmaster World

“This does seem to be a little different than the typical whiny complaint about epc [earnings per click”—more systemic in nature and more egregious regarding epc slump. And, after checking my own site, I see that targeting is not where it was Monday.”

Does Adsense Help With Link Building?
High Rankings Forum

“While checking backlinks lately, I notice several instances where my Google Adwords copy has been indexed on various sites who are Adsense members. Do these links carry the same weight as an organic link from the site or does Google know they’re the ones generating the code, thus discounting or completely disallowing it?”

Hand Coding vs. HTML Editors
High Rankings Forum

“I would like to know others opinions on this issue of hand coding vs advanced software that may add excess code all in the light of optimization. In other words is there significance in hand coding for optimization purposes?”

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Kelkoo search to power Yahoo’s European car channel
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Google Goes Local with Beta_Search
BetaNews Feb 4 2005 3:30AM GMT
Average Keyword Prices Drop For First Time Since September
Search Engine Watch Feb 4 2005 3:27AM GMT
Googling the Bottom Line
Wired News Feb 4 2005 3:25AM GMT
Search engines go spatial
GCN Feb 4 2005 2:56AM GMT
Search Engine APIs: Right for You?
ClickZ Today Feb 4 2005 2:21AM GMT
GuruNet hopes soar on new ever-searching surfers
Haaretz Feb 4 2005 12:34AM GMT
Ask Jeeves tips online ad revival
BBC Feb 3 2005 10:49PM GMT
Yahoo launches ‘contextual’ search
CNET Feb 3 2005 8:09PM GMT
Botnets strangle Google Adwords campaigns
The Register Feb 3 2005 8:04PM GMT
Google Goes Local with Beta Search
BetaNews Feb 3 2005 8:03PM GMT
The fate of the Google bubble
Always On Feb 3 2005 6:12PM GMT

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