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Google Buying
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“Certainly if Google buys they will get a huge database for a different kind of potential ads. … Imagine an ad service consisting of contextual job offers next to your current reading. I can see a lot of potential and opportunities here, not only for those looking for jobs or for job providers but for SEMs [search engine marketers” as well.”

Use Your AdSense Filter List With Caution
Webmaster World

“… the problem with going filter happy is you could also inevitably be blocking the best targeted – and best paying – ads from appearing on any of your AdSense sites as well.”

Branding is Back on the Web
Search Engine Watch Forums

“Gary Price shares a report on the growth rate of branding on the web, with ad dollars going to search in 2005 are projected at just under $5 billion, vs. $1.5 billion for rich media.”

When Should I See Results from My SEO Efforts?
Small Business Ideas Forum

“My very first site took four months to realize good positioning. The last site I launched took more like a month. However, don’t just sit there and hope for something to happen… get a move on!…”

Onsite Search Engine
High Rankings Forum

“I use the Google free search with AdSense on one of my sites, and I like it a lot. The only disadvantage I know of is that you can’t get data on what people are searching on… So if people are searching on something you don’t have on the site, you’ve no way of knowing it, and that can be very useful information.”

Does Google Bot Check WHOIS Data?
Best Practices Forums

“Somebody told me today that Google checks WHOIS information and then, seeing who owns which domains, can work out if people are passing PR [PageRank” around their own network of sites. I didn’t think their bots were so sophisticated yet, but just thought I’d ask…”

SEO Maintenance
Cre8asite Forums

“The value of a maintenance fee varies from zero upwards. Where this covers resubmissions, that part is completely and utterly worthless. Reports may or may not be valuable to you, and the depth and useful metrics of reporting varies a lot.”

Utterly Disillusioned With SEO
High Rankings Forum

“I think the future is bright. Yahoo is back with a vengeance, and we all know what will happen when ms/msn enters the arena. As someone has posted already, the competition will bring about a sort of check-and-balance system.”

Internal Website Links
Search Engine Watch Forums

“We have been having a debate locally about the best way to internally link pages on our website. Some say use the full url, some say just use the page url, does it really make any difference?”

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