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The Little Engine That Could
Search Engine Watch Forums

“Can Ask Jeeves get beyond their current market share? Do they want to or are they happy with their current position?”

What Is Your Greatest AdSense Advice?
Webmaster World

“What is the one thing you think is the greatest advice you can give to newcomers to AdSense on how to improve their earnings? It doesn’t have to be a big secret, but something you think is a ‘tip’ or a ‘hint’ about how to use AdSense for maximum effect.”

Search Engines and FrontPage Shared Borders
Virtual Promote

“I have been reading about concerns with search engine indexing and FrontPage shared borders, and now I am wondering about my site. The navigation bar in my site is a shared border with a jpeg image and image map links. Will the search engines be able to index all my pages…”

Can Look And Feel Be Copyrighted?
High Rankings Forum

“…if there is a legitimate possibility that a consumer could believe that a relationship exists based on the look and feel of the site, then they have issues…”

Usability Is An Island
Cre8asite Forums

“… I learn they believed their web master knew everything from design, to SEO [search engine optimization”, to user centered design. It’s a shock when they learn this isn’t always so. Most of them have never heard of ‘conversions’. They just know their sites ‘aren’t selling’. This is their terminology.”

My Experience With Site Match and Trusted Feed
Search Engine Watch Forums

“There are still many questions arising about how Overture’s SiteMatch program works. A member shares his story and the Official Yahoo Rep, gives great insight to a possible diagnose. Keep this post in mind when using this service.”

Spam Reporting: Obligations and Issues
High Rankings Forum

“…I am a convert to spam reporting. After listening to all the claims at Chicago SES [Search Engine Strategies Conference” that spam removal has a lot more to do with human review than algorithmic detection, I believe it is in my client’s best interest to build spam inspection and reporting into a new client’s project.”

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Search Engine/Blogosphere Response to the Earthquake/Tsunami
ResearchBuzz Dec 30 2004 2:33PM GMT
Search Publishers Not Friends Of Agencies, SEMs
Search Engine Watch Dec 30 2004 2:28PM GMT
TraveLazer Betas Search Without Sales
BetaNews Dec 30 2004 2:24PM GMT
Desktop Search: The Game Is Afoot
Business Week Dec 30 2004 2:20PM GMT
Google: Be a Little Evil
Technology Review Dec 30 2004 1:14PM GMT
IBM, Google Ask for Search Patents
TechTree Dec 30 2004 7:03AM GMT
Study: AOL Users Taking Virtual Tours
AP via Dec 30 2004 4:52AM GMT
Another Watershed Year for Old Media
ClickZ Today Dec 30 2004 2:50AM GMT
New Local Search Interface For Ask Jeeves
ResearchBuzz Dec 30 2004 2:48AM GMT
A New Script for Searching Texts Written by Hand
New York Times Dec 30 2004 1:11AM GMT
Can-Spam didn’t, survey says
CNET Dec 30 2004 1:04AM GMT
Revolving door at Yahoo
Telegraph reg Dec 30 2004 12:42AM GMT
Local Advertisers Lack Search Zeitgeist
ClickZ Today Dec 29 2004 4:54PM GMT

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