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Google AdWords Scheduling/Day Parting Now Live
Search Engine Watch Forums

“The long awaited day parting and ad scheduling feature is now live on Adwords.”

Google Reveals Details of Mountain View Wi-Fi Service
Webmaster World

“…this adds tons of branding and will show the world their capability to provide reliable free wi-fi. If this test-run works, it’ll open up contracts in hundreds of cities and many other countries–where they may begin to serve ads eventually.”

Google Testing Pay for Performance Ads
Small Business Ideas Forum

“What would happen if the largest online advertising network in the world decided to skip past issues like click fraud by integrating an affiliate style advertising program straight into their already popular network?”

SEO Training- Is It Worthwhile?
Cre8asite Forums

“Learn from the books and the tutorials and the forums. But test, and try things out, and look in other areas like usability and accessibility and web metrics/analytics and web standards. Get a good sense of how html works, and what problems things like java script or flash might cause.”

Will BlogRoll Links Weaken My PR?
V7N Forum

“Should I make the blog a whole separate website and link out to it? I would like to keep it internal with the site for branding, visitors browsing, etc.”

Age of Links
High Rankings Forum

“Search engines look at how long a link has been in place. Links that come and go don’t count for much while links that stay in place longer the better. Basically, when the search engines find the link that would be considered day 1. If that link is still there on repeated crawls six months or a year later then that link has earned some trust points with the algorithm.”

3 Week Old Site Gets 4 Billion Pages Indexed by Google
Cre8asite Forums

“The fact that so many people are shocked and amazed at these is itself testament to how far the search engine algorithms have come.”

Quality and Authority: Relevance Alone Is Not Enough
Webmaster World

“Does quality include the appearance of a site, or only the content? How about the organization of a site? Can a site be an authority if it’s not government, educational, or from a big corporation? Is it possible for an authority to not be quality?”

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