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Will Search Engines Slay the Yellow Pages?
SearchDay, July 24, 2003

The success of Overture and Google’s paid listing programs has many industry experts speculating about the future survival of printed yellow page telephone directories.

Copernic Agent: Jack of All Searches
SearchDay, July 23, 2003

Copernic Agent is a meta search engine, invisible web explorer, online research assistant and extensive tool box, all combined into an elegant, easy to use program.

Searching for Search Engine Personalization
SearchDay, July 22, 2003

A newly published study shows that despite a high degree of interest in web personalization, most search engine web sites offer few options that can be tailored to individual needs.

Lycos Offers “Second Opinion” Search Results
SearchDay, July 21, 2003

Lycos is rolling out a new utility that automatically displays Lycos search results in a side panel next to search results from Google, Yahoo or most of the other major services.

Search Engine Forums Spotlight

The About Directory
“It’s also important to realize that they may or may not list your site. does not aim to have a comprehensive directory of the Internet, instead, they are looking to list what they consider to be the absolute BEST sites in each topic/area.”

Report: Google Adsense @ Jimworld
“What would be nice, though, is if they gave you some information that you could actually use to help generate more income for yourself (and of course them). Simple statistical points such as…”

Looking for Feedback –
ihelpyou Forums
“Please let me know what you think of the features we have. Also, if you have any features you would like to see, I welcome the input.”

Another New Search Engine With Interesting Ideas…
“I think that there is a real opportunity to create something new and useful in the wake of so many mergers and acquisitions amongst the top dogs.”

AdSense Temporarily Changes Shape of Inventory
“Smart ad money is betting AdSense is at its pinnacle right now and will slowly fade. However, while the initial rush is on, many advertisers are feeling put out.”

Is Google the New Microsoft?
The I-Sales Discussion List
“My bet is that Google gets full of themselves, falls out of touch with those they serve, and get their butts kicked by Redmond.”

In-House Web Hosting or Outsource?
ihelpyou Forums
“…what are the advantages to hosting your own sites vs. having someone else host the sites?”

Search Engine Forums Spotlight courtesy Search Engine Guide.

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Search Engine Optimization Basics Part 4 Submissions
Search Engine Guide Jul 25 2003 10:59AM GMT
No Complaints in the Online Ad Biz
Business Week Jul 25 2003 10:25AM GMT
Start-up aims to simplify XML
CNET Jul 24 2003 7:56PM GMT
5 years ago… Corporate giants win domain name case Jul 24 2003 2:21PM GMT
Overture counts cost of partner deals
Netimperative Jul 24 2003 2:20PM GMT
Gwyneth, the Grateful Dead and Google
CNET Jul 24 2003 11:17AM GMT
Can Google save AOL?
CNET Jul 24 2003 11:17AM GMT
US internet users want antispam registry, says senator
Computer Weekly Jul 24 2003 11:16AM GMT
Google, Ink Content-Ad Deal Jul 24 2003 10:50AM GMT
Overture earnings drop despite revenue rise
ZDNet Jul 24 2003 10:10AM GMT
Gaggle of Google tips
Poynter Institute Jul 24 2003 6:27AM GMT
‘Ask Jeeves’ shares soar on strong earnings
Reuters Jul 23 2003 6:49PM GMT
Google says the VAT Man should exercise, not excise
The Register Jul 23 2003 4:43PM GMT
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